The Best Blog Posts, Pins and More of 2014

2014 has been a very eventful year.

We have had our share of wonderful ups and heartbreaking downs.

W turned one, we moved into our new home, yet, sadly, our puppy is still missing.

I suppose even the best of years must have its fill of obstacles.

I wrote my first blog post this past July. My dive into blog world has been an incredibly thrilling experience.

I have connected with many blogging buddies, read hundreds (thousands?) of interesting blog posts, tweeted, posted, and pinned more than I care to admit.

As 2014 comes to a close, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my best blog posts, favorite bloggers, pins and more.

The BEST blog posts, bloggers, pins and more of 2014


The Best Blog Posts, Pins and More of 2014

With the official title of Mommy Blogger, I am now required to be present on all types of social media.

I like some more than others (Hello, Pinterest) and simply can’t stand others (I don’t get you, Google+). 

My Best Blog Posts of 2014

Here are a few of my most popular blog posts on The Good Mama.

Below you will find some of my favorite mommy bloggers, food bloggers, Facebook pages to follow, Instagram accounts to follow, Pinterest accounts to follow, and most popular pins of 2014. I have so many favorites it was really difficult to narrow it down. If you get a chance, definitely check out these wonderful bloggers. They are amazing!

My Favorite Mommy Bloggers

  1. Oh, Honestly
  2. The Military Wife and Mom
  3. Mommy in Sports
  4. Fitting in Life
  5. Mama by Fire
  6. Working Mom Magic
  7. Mommy A to Z
  8. Three Boys and a Mom
  9. Krafts and Kiddos

My Favorite Food Bloggers

  1. Food Faith Fitness
  2. Souffle Bombay
  3. A Dish of Daily Life
  4. aMusing Foodie
  5. Baker Bettie

My Favorite Facebook Pages to Follow

  1. A Mother Far from Home
  2. Stellar Manic Mommy
  3. A Little Pinch of Perfect
  5. Dr. Pysch Mom

My Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

  1. For the Love of Family, Fitness & Food
  2. As Cute as a Bugs Ear
  3. Through Heather’s Looking Glass
  4. A Whimsicle Life
  5. Life with Grace

My Favorite Pinterest Accounts to Follow

  1. A Life in Balance
  2. Life is a Lullaby
  3. Play 2 Learn with Sarah
  4. A Savory Feast
  5. A Mother’s Shadow

My Most Pinned Pins of 2014

Here are some of my most pinned pins of the year. The most pinned item is an amazing visual to help plan the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

I have used all of these hairstyles tips and tricks at some point this year. This pin has been a lifesaver!

I tried my best to follow my own advice this year. Though, it wasn’t easy with all of the Christmas baking!

I pinned this to my exercise board with the intention of trying some of the exercises out in the new year. Maybe I’ll give it a shot this week instead!

I just loved singing these songs with W this past Halloween. After singing Christmas songs to the point of exhaustion, it looks like it’s time for some new songs in the new year.

Here are some of the cookies I was talking about before. Yes, now I remember why I don’t bake that often. I have NO self control with cookies in the house!

I made the fresh Broccoli Casserole dish for Thanksgiving this year in the list of Broccoli dishes. It was delicious!

  The BEST blog posts, bloggers, pins and more of 2014

Link up Your Best Post of 2014

Now, I would love to hear from more of my fellow bloggers. Please link up your favorite or most popular post of 2014. Be sure to stop by and comment on other posts. I will  leave comments and promote my favorites!


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