What NOT to do when Cutting your own Christmas Tree

I have fond memories of cutting down a Christmas tree every year as a child.

We would spend what seemed like hours searching for the perfect tree.

When we finally narrowed it down, my mom would take the obligatory picture (poor moms never get in the picture) of our family posed in front of the tree. Then we would watch my dad struggle with the flimsy tree farm handsaw before dragging the often much-too-big tree to the stand to be netted like a Christmas fish and strung up to the top of our car.

We would laugh and argue over every tree, but ultimately it was such a fun trip.

How could you not duplicate such an easy family outing?

At least that’s what I told Good Papa when I demanded he take W and I to the tree farm to chop down our own tree.

Let’s just say, this tree cutting adventure was not how I remembered. 

Read what NOT to do when cutting your own Christmas tree and learn from our rookie mistakes.

What NOT to do when Cutting your own Christmas Tree

  1. Decide to go chop down a tree the morning after an office Christmas party: Next year, the tradition for the morning after the office Christmas party is to sit around and do absolutely nothing for the entire day. Okay, maybe we can do something. I’m thinking a Christmas movie marathon is in order for next year.
  2. Decide to go during snack time and only bring 1 tiny snack: Am I crazy? What was I thinking just heading out to the middle of nowhere tree farm land with only a cheese stick to rely on. I think I’m going to blame my complete lapse of judgement on that office Christmas party.   What NOT to do when cutting your own christmas tree
  3. Pull up a list of Christmas tree farms and tell your husband to pick the closest one right before you leave: Apparently Christmas tree farms are not created equal. There were seriously NO good trees left at the farm Good Papa deemed “closest” to our house. I’m sad to say that we ended up going with one of the pre-cut trees. I was really looking forward to witnessing Good Papa attempt to saw the tree down. Thankfully, I did sneak a few pictures of Good Papa walking around with the handsaw. Pictures are more important than reality. Am I right?  What NOT to do when cutting your own Christmas tree
  4. Research the rest of the Christmas tree farms on the list after you get home: Sleigh rides! Hot cocoa! Christmas crafts! Why did I not research this list before we decided on the “closest” tree farm? Hmm… I wonder if it being the day after the office Christmas party had anything to do with it. I think I’m sensing a theme here.
  5. Dress like you’re going for a stroll in the park as opposed to a tree farm: W was in sneakers and lasted about a minute with his mittens on. I brought one glove for myself. Yes, one glove. I couldn’t find the other glove last minute, so I thought one was better than none. Good Papa didn’t even wear a coat. Clearly Eagles’ fans don’t get cold. What NOT to do when cutting your own christmas tree
  6. Carry your heavy toddler around while following your husband through the tree farm: A carrier would have been a smart thing to bring. Even a wagon or a stroller would have been nice. Or, maybe I could have just put W’s boots on him so he had an easier time following Daddy around. Well, at least we got a good workout passing him back and forth.

Despite making all of the wrong decisions on our first family tree to the tree farm, we still managed to have a great time. Honestly, creating fun memories together is the most important thing to remember when cutting your own Christmas tree. Although, I did learn a few tips on what to do for next year.

Plan ahead: Pick Your Own Christmas Trees is an amazing site that lists Christmas tree farms, lots, hayrides, sleigh rides and other winter fun by the state. I look forward to researching the best tree farm in the area. I will also plan a day when we aren’t so “sleepy.”

Be prepared: Proper winter clothes, nice yard work gloves for Good Papa to cut down the tree, and plenty of snacks will be on my list of items to bring next year.

Have fun: Hopefully we can repeat the one thing we got right this year next year.

What NOT to do when cutting your own Christmas Tree

Do you cut your own Christmas tree? Please share some tips with me in the comment section below. I need them. 

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  • Mary Kay says:

    W had fun and you came home with a tree! I’d count that as a success.

  • So funny! I remember going to the tree farm with my family and my dad always struggling with that flimsy little saw. We honestly have gotten ours at Home Depot the past few years….I know boring right.

  • This is too funny. 🙂 We were lucky as kids in that we had the mountains right behind our house, so getting a tree for Christmas was easy peasy. The one we have in our home now is fake because the cats would spend too much time eating a real one. Cute story!

  • Lauren says:

    This is hilarious. I have always wanted to cut down our own Christmas tree, but it doesnt really work that way here in South Florida! I never research things properly, so this sounds like it would turn out the exact same way for my family if we tried it! You got some really cute pictures though! 😉

  • Melissa says:

    Haha, sounds like you made some good memories! I definitely researched tree farms before we went out last year. When your parents own a Christmas tree farm you pick up a lot of good tips, like bring your own work gloves for cutting. And dress warmer than you think you’ll need. And maybe bring a blanket for the tree-cutter to lay on while cutting, if he’s dainty (not that I know anyone like that…). Still wish we could bring our tree home to PA from MI every year…

  • Kori says:

    These are great reminders. We won’t be cutting down a tree anytime soon though.

  • Anna says:

    This is such a funny story! We also love cutting our tree down on the years we aren’t traveling to Nashville. I’m glad you all had fun!

  • Rose says:

    I love this Trish! One glove is better than no gloves, you’re so funny! We go to Whole Foods or Home Depot! Love the pictures too.

  • Lauren says:

    Haha! Cutting down our Christmas tree is one of my favorite childhood memories too and I force my hubby into it each year. He always had a fake one growing up, but I just can’t allow that 😉
    The good news is, when W is grown, he’ll only remember the good parts too!

  • It sounds like no matter how you shake it or bake ya’ll are making wonderful memories. #4 sounds soooo me! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ha! This post made me laugh because it reminded me of my husband and I when it was just us and our baby. Now that we have a 3 1/2 and almost 2 year old, people make fun of me when I am overly prepared for a simple trip to the park. But I’ve learned my lessons…mine were mostly at pumpkin patches. I shudder every time I drive past them…

  • Jamie says:

    All great advice! However, I’m going to stick to my mother’s advice from long ago.

    “Don’t buy a real tree, it stinks of piss and you’ll spend half your like hoovering up needles. Get a plastic one from Argos. You can use the same one for years”

    So full of Christmas spirit was my mother 🙂

    Thanks for a fun read!

  • Mimi says:

    EVERY year we say we are going to cut a tree down and we never do. Next year, with this list in hand we are going to cross this task off of our bucket list. I have heard you have to go early to get the good ones.

    ….and yes you should’ve known better without snacks!! That’s a meltdown waiting to happen!

  • bryan flake says:

    Thanks for telling about the memory of cutting down your Christmas tree. I had a similar experience with my childhood. We’d go out the first Saturday in December and make a day of playing in the snow and cutting down our own tree. It was always an adventure trying to drag that tree out with the minivan.

  • Ann Marie says:

    How did I miss this last year. It’s funny. W was so tiny! I hope Goodpapa gets to cut one down this year. We like to go to a particular farm that has buffalo. Still, after 23 years!

  • This was good! LOL I can totally see it going much the same for us if we tried this!

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