5 Spooky Exercises To Add To Your Workout This Halloween

I have been a little quiet these past few weeks on the blog and social media front.

First, if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen my posts about my barre training. I had such a fabulous time at the Trubarre instructor training! My focus is now on creating a playlist, developing a barre routine and practicing it for my instructor “try-out” coming up in a couple weeks. It brings me back to my teaching days, except this time I hopefully won’t have to work so hard to captivate my students’ attention. Though, I must admit, the Britney Spears’ microphone is a bit intimidating.

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Second, I have grown a bit tired of this election and social media. I cannot wait for November to get here so I can stop seeing all-things-politics fill up my feed. I just want to get back to recipe videos and cute baby pictures. Am I alone on this? 

Since one of my favorite months has been taken over by all this election stuff, I’ve decided to jump back into things with a little Halloween-themed workout before it passes me by. You can do these awesome, spooky exercises anytime, but they are a fun way to spice up your regular workout routine this week. Happy Halloween!

5 Spooky Exercises to Add to your workout this halloween

5 Spooky Exercises to Add to Your Workout This Halloween

**Please consult your physician before trying this or any new workout. 

1. Dead-bug  

Muscles it targets: core

Set/Reps: 3 X 10

I’ve shared a similar exercise before, called the Bird dog. The dead bug is just like the bird dog, but flipped upside down. It’s great for your core. The key is to engage your core muscles throughout the exercise. Focus on keeping that lower back on the mat throughout the entire move. Engaging those muscles and keeping that lower back flat on the mat helps prevent injury. *If you want more information on why the dead bug is such an amazing move for your core, read up on it over at STACK. 

Halloween Exercises DEAD bug

2. Frankenstein Walk 

Muscles it targets: core + thighs + glutes + hamstrings

Sets/Reps: 3 X 10

The frankenstein walk is very similar to the Toy Solider, except there’s no movement in the arms. For the frankenstein walk, keep your arms straight out in front of you, engage that core and bring your legs up and kick your hands with your toes. It’s better to move slowly through this move as opposed to using momentum to swing your leg up.

Frankenstein walk Halloween exercises

3. Jack ‘o Lantern Squats 

Muscles it targets: Thighs + glutes

Sets/Reps: 3 X 10

Okay, technically this move is called a Goblet squat, but since it’s Halloween I thought I’d change it up. You can use a dumbbell, kettle bell or even a pumpkin! Hold your pumpkin (or whatever you plan on using) close to your chest and slowly squat down, keeping your chest high and back flat all the way to the bottom before returning to the starting position. If you are new to this move, you may want to start with no weights at first. *Don’t forget to check out my entire workout using a pumpkin! 

Jack O' Lantern Squats halloween exercsies

4. Spider(man) Crawl

Muscles it targets: core, specifically your obliques

Aerobic exercise: Try for 30 seconds-1 minute/rest 20 seconds, then repeat 2x

The spiderman crawl is a great aerobic move that also works your core. It’s similar to a mountain climber, but you are bringing your knees to the sides of your arms, really focusing on the obliques, or side abdominal muscles. You can do this move as slow or as fast as you can.

Spiderman Crawl Halloween exercises

5. Mummy kicks 

Aerobic exercise: Try for 30 seconds-1 minute/ rest 20 seconds, then repeat 2x

Mummy kicks are another great aerobic movement. Try to keep your upper body straight and your shoulders relaxed. With straight arms out in front of your cross them over and under each other while kicking your legs out straight in front of you. You don’t need to kick them high to really get a good workout with this move.

Mummy kicks- halloween exercises

Check out the video below to watch each exercise! 

5 things I learned while becoming a personal trainer

Spooky Exercises to do this halloween


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