How to Stay Fit during the Holidays

It can be really tough to muster up the motivation to stay fit during the busy season between October and December.

October is apparently the slowest gym month of the year.

For many, it’s seemingly impossible to pull yourself out of the Halloween slump with the chaos of Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season following closely behind.

It’s too dark outside…

I’m exhausted because my toddler decided to “spring forward” instead of “fall back…”

I don’t have cold weather running gear…

I’m too busy preparing a Thanksgiving feast…

Stuffing, turkey, pumpkin pie… wait, what was I talking about? 

Yes, it’s very tempting to put fitness on hold during the holidays. Unfortunately, exercise often is pushed off until eventually you find yourself totally out of shape in the new year.

Don’t deal with the struggle of getting back into shape in January.

Here are some tips on how to maintain fitness during the holidays. 

How to Stay Fit during the Holidays

How to Stay Fit during the Holidays

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  1. Have a plan: Many times we tell ourselves, I’m going to work out three times this week! Yeah! Then, we find ourselves baking cookies or shopping and our “plan” to workout has been completely forgotten. Write it down! Put it right in your schedule in PEN, so you won’t be able to forget it.
  2. Set a goal: I ran 9 miles this morning. Would I have ever run 9 miles if I didn’t have a half marathon coming up? No way. Sign up for a race (Check out this super fun Ugly Sweater Run coming to Philly this December 13th)! Invest in a workout DVD series that you would like to complete (I like P90XInsanity and T25). Sign up for a new class like yoga or barre.
  3. Involve family & friends: My dad, brother and two close friends are all running the Philly Half Marathon with me (my first!) at the end of November. To be honest, it has been difficult to stay committed to training. There have been times I felt like just throwing in the towel, but I have been encouraged by my family and friends, knowing that they will be out there with me.
    • Running not your thing? Organize a sporting event with your family or friends. I have a friend hosting a flag football game this November. It’s a great way to get people together while doing more than just sitting around eating.
  4. Sneak some fitness into your busy day: I did promise my family that I won’t attempt to squat in the kitchen with a turkey over my head (Missed my Fat Burning Exercises with a Pumpkin?). That won’t stop me from finding other unconventional ways of getting a workout in. Chores, like raking leaves and vacuuming, will give you a workout and you have to do them anyway! Try parking further away at the grocery store, always take the stairs in the mall, do some squats while brushing your teeth- there are lots of ways to stay active.
  5. Find a balance: Now, don’t feel like you have to miss out on holiday fun just to squeeze a workout in. It’s important to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Some scientists say drinking wine is better than going to the gym after all! So, try to stay active when you can, try not to completely overdo it when it comes to all of the delicious food and, most importantly, savor the fun holiday times ahead.

How to Stay Fit during the Holidays

Do you plan on maintaining a fitness routine this Holiday season? Share your plans with me in the comment section below!

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