6 Ways to Stay Fit this Fall

Does anyone else feel as though this summer just flew by way too quickly? All of a sudden we are in the last week of August.

As much as I love summer, I think I’m finally ready for Fall. The cooler temperatures, the comfy sweaters, the new baby (!) and all the pumpkin and apple dishes are certainly getting me excited for the season.

I’m looking forward to the cooler temperatures in particular. I wonder if it has anything to do with this extra heat pack I have around my middle? It just feels good to be outside and enjoy the fresh air without feeling like you are sweating off a gallon of water weight.

It’s during the Fall that I take advantage of the weather and head outside for my workouts. Keep reading to learn about 6 ways to Stay Fit this Fall.

6 Ways to Stay Fit this Fall

Ways to Stay Fit this Fall

1. Get running! 

You may not be much of a runner, but Fall is the perfect time to jump on the increasingly popular running band wagon (It seems like everyone I know is signing up for races these days). The mild temperatures make it easy to run outdoors and there are lots of great races to sign up. If you aren’t quite feeling up to running just yet (or being 8 months pregnant is holding you back), most of the 5Ks have a walking option.

2. Take an outdoor group class 

I really enjoy attending group fitness classes. They are a lot of fun and very motivating (just see how much I raved about the Barre class I take weekly). When the weather is so perfectly mild; however, I really like being outside. Fortunately, there are lots of awesome group classes you can find outside.

  • If you near Hatboro, PA, a local mom started an outdoor bootcamp series and super fun Surfset class (review coming soon) at a local park. For more information on dates and times, join her Facebook group Muscle Mommas.
  • Stroller strides are another wonderful workout for moms (get fit with your baby!). Find a location nearest you over at Fit4Mom.

3. Get active with the kids 

If you are a stay-at-home mom like me, now is the perfect time to get out to all those museums, zoos, farms and parks. The weather will be mild, most older children will be back in school and I don’t know many teachers taking their classes on field trips first thing in September. You may not be “working out,” but you’d be amazed at how much energy it takes to hit up the local zoo or farm with toddlers in tow. Here are some fun Fall ideas for getting active with the kids…

  • Go to a farm or orchid pick some apples and eventually pumpkins OR find a farm with some animals.
  • Go to the local zoo or aquarium.
  • Head to your local museum or kid’s museum.
  • Run around your local park or even your backyard
  • Here are some exercises you can do with your kids.

4. Get to work… yard work that is

One big difference I’ve noticed between city living and suburban living is the yard… and all the yard work that comes with it. Fortunately, there’s a way to put a positive spin on it. Raking all those leaves really burns a lot of calories!

5. Go hiking

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. I love living in Pennsylvania because we get to witness the beauty of nature with all the changing colors on the trees. I wrote about my time “hiking” in the city, but I really would like to get out there and take a real hike this Fall.

  • If you want to find local hiking in your area, check out LocalHikes. I found a bunch on that site in my area.

6. Go out for the team 

Intramural sports in college were so much fun. I played flag football, softball and even basketball (despite having no skills at all). It’s a great way to stay in shape and meet people. Just because college may be long behind you doesn’t mean you have to give up playing a team sport. I know Good Papa had a blast with his basketball league in the city, and he is thinking about signing up for one around here.

  • To find a sports league in your area, head to Sportsvite.

More Fall Fun 

6 Ways to Stay Fit this Fall

How do you plan to stay fit this Fall? Leave me a comment below! 

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  • Melissa says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year for outdoor activities! I would love to do intramural sports…I haven’t been on a team since college.
    Melissa recently posted…The Benefits of Starting a Parenting BlogMy Profile

  • Kristen says:

    Great suggestions! I’m still working on how to fit in working out! It’s not easy! I love the idea of hiking, wish we could do that here!

  • Megan says:

    Great ideas! I need to do all of them lol!

  • Bree Talks says:

    Great ideas! I definitely love getting outside with the kids when the weather is nice. We’ll go to the zoo, parks and playgrounds because the plastic isn’t burning hot and we’ll also explore our own backyard a little more. I am on a rec softball team too which really does give me a break as a mom, lets me exercise in a way that is fun and I get to hang out with other people….adult people. 🙂

  • I do a lot of walking around the soccer field during practice! It’s a way to get exercise and be present at the practices!

  • CourtneyLynne says:

    Ahhhh I so wish I could get myself into running!! I love all the running accessories by ughh… The lazy life just calls my name. Group excersise is always fun though!

  • Joy says:

    One of my favorite ways to stay fit is cycling around the city. Hopefully it’s not too rainy where you’re at, but in the Bay Area in California, it hasn’t rained much recently (maybe that’s why we have a drought?). Anyway, just cycling to work or the park or just exploring is really quite fun. Plus, you’ll build up some nice looking calves too 🙂

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