Paying it Forward this Holiday Season

Can you feel it?

This time of year there seems to be a little extra magic in the air, people seem to smile more, have longer conversations with people they don’t know, hold doors open and find ways to do more kind things for people.

It’s the holidays!

My friend Colleen, a fabulous food blogger over at Souffle Bombay, had the idea to reach out to other bloggers as well as some of their collective contacts to pull off a fantastic holiday surprise for 21 children.

These children live in a small remote village in Alaska where one can only get in or out by bush plane or a small boat via the rough Nushagak River.

Colleen’s friend (Dani) took a position in the village teaching this year.

Dani didn’t know what to expect when she packed up and moved from Pennsylvania; however, she has already fallen in love with the people, their culture and Alaska.

She has 16 students ages 4-13 and the village has 5 additional kids under 4. There are no places for the 76 residents to work or shop, so they live simply.

They don’t have much.

As a matter of fact while discussing Christmas and Santa recently one day in school, one of the younger kids said simply, “Santa doesn’t come to Alaska.”

As a former teacher myself, I was certainly moved to help these children out. I joined over 20 other bloggers from PA, NJ & DE and #TwinHillsSanta began to take off.

This year…these kids have one heck of a surprise in-store for them!!

Paying it Forward this Holiday season

Paying it Forward this Holiday Season

Some of the bloggers were able to reach out to a few of their contacts. I am beyond thrilled to share with you that they hopped right on board!

Companies Paying it Forward

  • Lee Jeans is sending clothes to the kids, those kids are going to be so excited and well dressed!!
  • CVS Pharmacy is sending all kinds of personal products from toothbrushes to scrubbies and body washes, & shampoos to chapsticks, candy, small toys and much more!
  • Nuby USA jumped in to send the younger children sippy cups, infant and toddler toothbrushes & toothpaste, toys and fun feeding plates & utensils!
  • Tyrrells English Chips (who has the most fun website BTW)  sent cases of their crazy delicious chips – those kids are going to be happily crunching away with a new-to-them snack!
  • And speaking of snacks, Pretzel Crisps sent cases of their crazy-good pretzels – Boy are the kiddos in for a tasty treat! I see new fans just ahead!
  • Educational Insights was happy to send the kids learning games, reading games, puzzle toys and more.  These kids are going to be happy, busy and fine tuning their skills as they play!
  • Kind Snacks shipped some of their healthy AND tasty Kind Bars to the kids, those will get them pumped up and full of energy!
  • And DecoArt sent a bunch of craft supplies to the kids who I hear are LOVE making things and crafting any chance they get, they are going to be blown away!

How awesome are these 7 companies who said YES to pay-it-forward?  When stories like this reach my ears it makes me an even more loyal customer OR it makes me want to try/support a brand I am not familiar with!  Thank you all!

There’s more

All of the bloggers involved made sure every kids will get a new pair of pajamas, hats, scarves, gloves and more.  Other bloggers and friends of bloggers either grabbed USPS flat rate boxes or hopped on Amazon to send stuff the kids way.

I couldn’t resist sending over a few of my favorite DVDs, Melissa & Doug toys and fruit snacks! 

I anxiously await to hear how all of the gifts are received. I will be sure to update once Colleen talks to Dani.

I’m sure the pilot who flies in and out of Twin Hills with deliveries won’t know what hit him and neither will the post office!

Magic is in the air!!  When people come together…great things happen!

Thank you Lee Jeans, CVS Pharmacy, Nuby USA, Tyrrells English Crisps, Pretzel Crisps, Educational Insights, Kind Snacks and DecoArt for making THIS a very special Christmas for 21 children, who I know are going to be so very grateful!

Paying it Forward this Holiday Season

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