Over 10 Nutritious & Filling Fall Snacks

Since today is the first day of Fall, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite nutritious, yet filling fall snacks. For me, planning healthy meals is no problem, it’s the snacking where I start to lose it.

I have found that the easiest way for me to snack healthfully, is to make sure healthy snacks are present and available. As a mom, I’m constantly running around. There’s not much time in the day to stop and prepare something that’s going to fill me up and keep me satisfied. Yet, I still want to make sure there are snacks readily available. The alternative is going hungry and potentially overeating the first chance I get my hands on something to eat.

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I typically tend to reach for snacks that have a bit of protein and fiber to keep me feeling full and some complex carbs to give me some energy. Here are my picks for nutritious and filling fall snacks. Also, be sure to check out the quick video at the end demonstrating how easy it is to throw together my fall-flavored yogurt.

Over 10 Nutritious & filling Snacks for Fall

Over 10 Nutritious & Filling Fall Snacks

  • Peanut butter with apples: I love apples with a little bit of peanut butter. Fit Foodie Mama just shared this amazing-looking Inside Out Apple Almond Bite recipe that I’m definitely going to try.
  • Fall-Themed Energy bites: These energy bite recipes are so easy to make, and they make great snacks. They are a more nutritious alternative than those store-bought granola bars. You can also mix and match, and use whatever you have on hand. To make them fall-themed, add some pumpkin, pumpkin spice or cinnamon and apples. These cinnamon apple energy bites from Recipe Runner sound delicious. Or, try these pumpkin pie energy bites from Desserts with Benefits.
  • Sweet Potato Toast: Have you tried sweet potato toast yet? It sounds so tasty and simple. Homemade Experience tops hers with some avocado egg salad. Yum!
  • Pumpkin seeds/Fall Trail Mix: While you are enjoying all your pumpkin recipes, don’t forget about the seeds. They are so tasty and so good for you! I love to eat them plain or put them in a yummy fall-themed trail mix. I love the sound of this mix by DIY Budget Girl.
  • Pumpkin butter/Apple Butter: If you’re sort of getting sick of the same-old peanut butter sandwiches, it’s time to try out some pumpkin or apple butter. They are both really delicious and taste great on toast or even if you oatmeal. The Busy Baker shares this two-ingredient, no sugar added slow cooker apple butter recipe that sounds delicious.
  • Apple friesApple fries are easy to make, and a great snack for you and the kids.
  • Pumpkin Pie Smoothie: I’ve recently got on a smoothie kick. They are so delicious and an easy way to add some extra fruit and veggies to your diet. I love the sound of this pumpkin pie smoothie from Shugary Sweet.
  • Beet/pumpkin hummus with veggies: Sometimes it’s difficult to make sure to eat another veggies. With a tasty dip like hummus it becomes easier. Beets and pumpkins are in season, to be sure to whip up some for easy snacking. Here’s a pumpkin hummus from Kim’s cravings.
  • Pumpkin Pie & Apple Pie YogurtWith a ton of protein, this is one of my go-to recipes for an after-workout snack.
  • Brussels sprout chips: Honestly, I could never get into kale chips. Brussels sprout chips are something that I can get into. Here’s an easy recipe from Eating Rules.
  • Pears with cheese and crackers: You can make this snack as simple or fancy as you’d like. This Grilled Pear and Gouda Crostini from Recipe Runner sounds absolutely delicious.
  • Baked apples: Here’s a recipe for Baked Apples from Simply Recipe.
  • Pumpkin popcorn: I can’t wait to try this pumpkin spice popcorn recipe from The 36th Avenue.
  • Raw Beet & Apple Salad: You can top with some nuts for added protein.

Don’t forget to check out my quick video tutorial on Fall-themed yogurt!

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Over 10 Nutritious & Filling snacks for Fall


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