A Fall To-Do List


A Fall To-Do List via http://www.thegoodmama.org

I  LOVE lists.

There are a multitude of notepads filled to the brim with random lists scattered throughout my house.

Lists help me organize my thoughts. Even if I don’t lay my eyes on a list ever again, there is something about writing it down that makes it easier for me to remember.

With the fall season practically on our doorstep, I think it’s time for a Fall To Do List. 

I like to go into each new season armed with an assortment of activities for our family. As a stay-at-home mom, I am always at risk of getting stuck in a rut doing the same things over and over again.

It only takes a moment, however,  to create of list of fresh, enjoyable activities to do for the upcoming season. This way, I have something to consult if I am ever scrambling for ideas of what to do with W during the day.

 The Good Family’s Fall To Do List

  • Apple Picking
  • Make delicious desserts with apples!
  • Go for a hayride
  • Attend the local high school’s football game
  • Pumpkin picking
  • Carve a pumpkin & roast the seeds
  • Make pumpkin and apple pie
  • Rake leaves into a big pile and jump in (we have our own trees now with the new house)
  • Make my own stock. Here’s an easy recipe I found over at Ten at the Table.
  • Make some tasty soups for my family
  • Gather leaves and make an art project. Check out a list of 8 Leaf Activities for Kids by Hands On As We Grow.
  • Decorate the house with fall decor
  • Create a fun halloween costume for W; see how long Zig lasts before he chews his costume off
  • Organize our new home. Learn about our recent move in 5 Ways to Make Moving Easier with Baby.
  • Get to know our new neighborhood
  • Go fly a kite! Here’s an easy tutorial on How to Make a Garbage Bag Kite by 2 Little Hooligans.
  • Train for the Philly Half Marathon. (See Running in the City vs. Running in the Suburbs)
  • Make a delicious tapas-style meal for Sunday Football (Go Eagles!!)
  • Go on a nature walk around our new yard
  • Visit the zoo
  • Visit the local parks
  • Have a fall-themed picnic
  • Try out a new local restaurant (See 6 Tips for Dining Out with Baby)
  • Plan some exercises to do inside before the weather takes a turn
  • Plan LOTS of indoor activities to keep W busy when winter comes

A Fall To-Do List via http:/www.thegoodmama.org

Well, I better get started so we can finish before winter! Do you make lists? What would be on your Fall To-Do List?


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