Recipes & Fitness Tips Just for Fall

Fall is here! Bring on the apples, football season, back-to-school, colorful foliage, pumpkin spice-everything. Here you’ll find plenty of nutritious recipes and fitness tips all related to fall. So, throw on a sweater, grab a handful of pumpkin seeds and take a look around.

Recipes & Fitness Tips Just for Fall

Nutritious Recipes 

img_2161 12 Easy Apple Recipes

img_2165 Apple Fries Recipe

Raw Beet & Apple Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette Recipe Raw Apple & Beet Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette Recipe

img_2162 Apple & Gruyere Cheese Panini Recipe

img_2174 Easy Beet Soup Recipe

img_2173 Beet Hummus Recipe

Pumpkin & Kale Soup Recipe Pumpkin & Kale Soup Recipe

img_2167 Pumpkin Butter Recipe

img_2166 Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce, Sausage and Spinach Recipe

img_2171 Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce Recipe

img_2172 Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Recipe

Over 10 Nutritious & Filling snacks for Fall Nutritious & Filling Snacks for Fall

stuffed-pepper-pumpkins Spooky Stuffed Pepper “Pumpkins” Recipe

img_2176 Shredded Brussels Sprout & Mushrooms Recipe

img_2177 Protein-Packed Sweet Potato Hash Browns Recipe

Fitness Tips for Fall 

img_2170 Fall Into Fitness: 8 Ways to Stay Active This Fall

img_2168 10 Ways to Stay Fit This Fall

img_2169 Fat Burning Exercises with a Pumpkin

img_2175 Football Fitness: Stay in Shape While Watching the Game