5 Fun Things to Do in Your Own Backyard

5 Fun Things To Do in Your Own Backyard via http://www.thegoodmama.org

The Good Family is settling into our new home in the suburbs quite nicely (Read about our move in Ways to Make Moving Easier with Baby).

Good Papa is loving his short commute and pulling into the driveway. I have enjoyed checking out the new neighborhood and cooking in my new kitchen.  Zig has lost weight because he is having so much fun running around the back yard. And, W, dare I say it, has been sleeping like a champ.

Yes, we are all finding our groove in our new suburban home.

The one thing that I find I relish the most is the thing that I thought I never needed-

A backyard. 

Good Papa really wanted a yard, but I honestly never saw the need. We had plenty of parks and places to play in the city. Truthfully, a yard seemed like so much work. 

Now I am finding that a yard is proving to be worth the work.

I can easily roll out of bed (more like pushed out of bed by W- he may be sleeping through the night, but he’s still the ever-early riser), throw on some shoes and watch W and Zig romp around in the backyard.

It has been great to have the freedom to run around however we please without having to worry about bumping into anyone else.

5 Fun Things To Do in Your Own Backyard via http://www.thegoodmama.org

So, in honor of our new backyard, I have put together a list of fun things to do in your own backyard with your baby.

*If you don’t have a backyard, don’t worry, you can still do these things in a city too. 

5 Fun Things to do in Your Own Backyard

1. Sort & Collet Rocks: This has been W’s favorite activity lately. He spends hours (okay, not hours, but a good amount of time for a baby) sorting through the rocks, picking them up, throwing them in his bucket, trying to sneak in a taste before he is stopped. I think when W gets a little older we might try painting the rocks. We may even make our own egg carton mancala game with rocks. Check out Deceptively Educational’s version.

5 Fun Things To Do in Your Own Backyard via http://www.thegoodmama.org

2. Gather leaves: It’s amazing how different babies can be. My most adorable niece is almost exactly three months older than W. She NEVER puts anything in her mouth. W, on the other hand, puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. At least he is willing to try out new foods inedible objects? Leaves are a particular favorite. The only way I can avoid W digesting a bunch of dried-up, old leaves is to encourage him to gather them and put them into a bucket. Someone tell me, when will the eating everything in sight end?

5 Fun Things To Do in Your Own Backyard via http://www.thegoodmama.org

3. Practice your gymnastics: This past week I took W to The Little Gym in our new neighborhood. It was SO much fun. W loved doing summersaults. They even had a his favorite toy- a basketball hoop! It also really took me back to my younger years practicing gymnastics in the backyard with the neighborhood kids. After class, I took W out back to see if I could still pull off some moves. W thought it was the funniest thing. At least someone got a kick out of my “moves.” Though, I think I’d better stick to helping W with his summersaults. We don’t need to visit the local hospital just yet.

5 Fun Things To Do in Your Own Backyard via http://www.thegoodmama.org

4. Watch for clouds, airplanes, and birds: There is a small airport not too far from our new place. We get lots of airplanes that fly overhead. W thinks it’s just the best. He loves pointing them out. We also like laying back and watching the clouds and birds flying from tree to tree. It keeps W preoccupied and mommy gets a rest.

5 Fun Things To Do in Your Own Backyard via http://www.thegoodmama.org

5. Have a picnic: The weather has been absolutely amazing. I hate to waste it cooped up inside. So, we often take our lunches and snacks outdoors. We did this in the city too, but it is significantly easier to run back inside if we have forgotten anything.

While I absolutely loved our time in the city, I think W and Zig are really going to have a blast growing up in our new home. I do know Good Papa and I are going to enjoy watching them.

5 Fun Things to Do in your Own Backyard

What did I miss? What are some fun things you like to do in your own backyard? Let me know in the comment section below!

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