A Birthday Wish From Good Papa

I know what you’re thinking… When was the last time Good Papa actually stepped up and helped his wife on her blog. I’ve missed you too. Don’t go getting all excited though. This is more like a 1 day celebration than a recurring event. I’m basically the guy that’s played on one football team his entire 12 year career, skipped town for more money elsewhere in Year 13 then signed a 1 day contract with his original team just to be able to retire with the team that drafted him. This is that one day contract.

Why the guest post?

Because on this day, August 2nd in 1986 my beautiful wife graced us with her presence. Those quick at math may realize that today makes her 30 years old. Again, I know what you are thinking…

“Good Mama is only 30 (insert profanity of your choosing) years old!!! How is that possible?”

Pretty good, right? You see, I saw this potential years ago and thought to myself, “I should probably knock her up so she’s stuck with me forever.” Mission accomplished.

So what’s birthday week been like for a family of 4 when your husband’s in charge of a 3 year old and a 10 month old. Well let’s just say it’s a “Cake” Themed week and I now am slightly concerned that my son has aspirations of reprising the role of Chunk in the eventual Goonies remake in 2025. Kid literally was naming all the different cake flavors as he was falling asleep last night.

How the hell does he know that there is such a thing called Strawberry Cheesecake?

Good Papa cake

Good Papa took up some Sunday afternoon baking all on his own and made a Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake for Good Mama.

The picture is all your need to focus on. It looked spectacular coming out of the oven. Pretty much an epic failure from that point on. Essentially we’re having Chocolate Chip Birthday Pieces of Cake. It tastes good though and my wife, being the creative genius she is, immediately goes, “We can make cake balls.”

Thanks for rubbing it in, sweetheart. Men don’t make “balls” of anything.

I think proper blog etiquette is to plug the recipe here. I got it from this place called “Google” after typing in “Chocolate Chip Cake.” If you think I’m being a jerk by not giving credit where credit is due please understand that it comes from experience. It’s all fun and games when you make a banging version of chicken nachos for the boys while watching Red Zone on Sunday and they ask you how you came up with the recipe.

“I got it from Pioneer Woman…” And then I never saw them again.

Since my wife has taken to this blogging world I figured it was a great opportunity, publicly, to let all of you know how amazing of a woman she actually is. When I get the chance to catch up on her page I get so caught up in how good everything looks. My kids are smiling like maniacs, the food photos look as good as they taste, and if you actually follow her workout programs you’ll find that you are sore and tired but left feeling much better about yourself.

She does this because she cares. She actually spends hours a day researching all of this to make sure that the final product not only looks and feels good, but genuinely helps improve the quality of life for all her readers. And the best part? Because of her, I get to actually live that life and it’s better than advertised.

Please join me in wishing my wonderful wife a Happy Birthday! I love you.

birthday wish from good papa


  • Aunt Betsy says:

    Happy birthday to my incredible niece, Tricia! We think you are pretty great too, Adam!

  • Ann Marie says:

    Happy Birthday, Tricia! I was just telling Steven about your birth and my trip to meet you (and see Timmy!) just this weekend. And now here it is…your birthday!

    What a wonderful teacher, wife, mom, and blogger you’ve turned out to be.

    Love you!

  • Mary Kay says:

    Beautiful cake, beautiful post! You are a very lucky Good Mama to have such a Good Papa at your side!

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