Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Get Into Shape

Pumpkin spice and Halloween decorations may have infiltrated grocery stores and coffee mugs since the beginning of September, but this coming Thursday is actually the first day of Fall.

Fall is a great time for a lot of things. It’s a nice time for making soups and stews. It’s a nice time for being outside. It’s a nice time for taking holiday card photos. Fall is also the perfect time to get in shape. 

So, if you’ve spent all summer thinking, I really need to get into shape, but never managed to get out there, form a plan and stick to a routine, now is the time to bite the bullet and hop on the fitness train.

After you read why Fall is such a wonderful time to get into shape, or back into shape or achieve a long-sought after fitness goal, be sure to check out the simple ways to get active this Fall.

Why Fall Is the Perfect time to get in shape

Why Fall Is the Perfect Time To Get In Shape


There’s a reason they call it “the lazy days of summer.” With kids out of school, the whole routine is often thrown way off. When the kids aren’t in a routine, then it’s difficult to get into a routine yourself. Add vacations into the mix and it’s a recipe for all play, no workouts. 

Now that Fall has arrived, it’s time to get yourself back to a routine. Plan out your day, plan out your week and plan out your month. Be sure to write your exercise routine right into your calendar (you can find a free workout calendar printable here). If it’s up there, along with after school activities and doctor’s appointments, you’ll be more likely to do it.


This is the biggest reason Fall is the perfect time to get into shape. The weather is just right. I don’t know about you, but the heat really gets to me in the summer. I try to go for a run, and I feel like I can’t breath through all the humidity.

With Fall here, it’s the perfect opportunity to head outdoors and take advantage of the weather. If you’re not into running (yet), go for a walk. If you can easily walk for 30 minutes straight, then try upping the intensity by walking a little faster every few minutes. Or, play my son’s favorite game right now, “run down the hill.” We have a big hill in our yard that we like to run up and down. Make good use of all that energy in your kids, and get out there and play with them.


We aren’t there quite yet with my toddler, but I know a lot of the kids’ sports start up during the Fall. Why should they have all the fun? There are plenty of opportunities for adults to join sports leagues: adult dance classes, soccer/football leagues, volleyball or kickball, not to mention all of the many 5ks held all over the country. I recently participated in an adult ballet class for beginners. I have never taken ballet in my life, and I must admit I was a bit nervous. Fortunately, it was geared for beginners, and I ended up having a blast. Another reason to sign up for a sport or fitness class, you’re more likely to follow through if you pay for a series of classes in advance.

So, if you’ve been telling yourself over and over again that you really need to get in shape, or run a 5K or lose 10 pounds, fall is the time to make those dreams a reality. It’s not about having time, it’s about making time. 

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Why fall is the perfect time to get in shape

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