7 Simple Ways to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits for New Moms

Your entire world completely turns upside down when you become a new mom. Your days and nights all blur together as you try your best to navigate through the sleepless nights and endless feedings.

Food, for yourself that is, is often the last thing on your mind.

It’s difficult to find time to sit down to eat a meal, let alone spend time in the kitchen cooking something nutritious. It doesn’t help matters that breastfeeding often leaves you feeling completely ravenous.

Healthy eating is important to me. I strive to offer nutritious meals as often as I can. Yet, it’s not always easy to pull together a healthy, balanced meal when you’re beyond tired from feeding a newborn throughout the night and entertaining a toddler throughout the day.

Here are a few simple ways I’ve found that have helped me maintain healthy eating habits. Be sure to keep scrolling to enter an awesome giveaway. It’s filled with over $350 worth of prizes for new moms! 

7 Simple Ways to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits for New Moms PLUS Giveaway!

Simple Ways to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits for New Moms

1. Prepare the freezer 

Okay, I’ll be honest. I prepared a whole bunch of crockpot freezer meals before Sweet P was born. Unfortunately, they ended up being just … eh. Here are some better ideas.

  • Freeze some chicken breasts or other types of meat that can be defrosted throughout the day and added into a quick stir fry meal.
  • Freeze leftovers. Whenever I make comfort food-type meals, I always try to make extra to freeze. Pasta Sauce, chicken pot pie, and macaroni and cheese freeze really well.
  • Stock up on some frozen veggies and fruit. It’s always good to have some frozen veggies on hand to add to a dish, and you can make some tasty smoothies with frozen fruit. As a side note, it’s a bit strange, but some toddlers think frozen veggies, that stay frozen, are a great snack.

2. Make sure fruits and veggies are readily available. 

Fruit is a quick and easy snack. Veggies are slightly more work. Early in the week, I try to remember to cut up plenty of slices of cucumbers, celery, sweet peppers and carrots. Sugar Snap Peas, green beans, radishes and broccoli are also tasty raw. If you don’t like to eat them plain, make sure to have some hummus or yogurt-based dip.

3. Avoid buying the junk. 

Out of sight, out of mind, right? When you are tired and sleep-deprived, you often lose all will power. A sugary granola bar or cookie may seem a lot easier than going for the fruits and veggies. If it’s not in your pantry, you won’t be tempted!

4. Stock up on filling, nutritious snacks. 

I never understood people who claimed they forgot to eat until I had children. The key is to have plenty of good food readily available. Here are some ideas.

  • Nuts, or make yourself a tasty trail mix.
  • I’ve recently been making some hard boiled eggs for a quick snack.
  • I love kid snacks for myself! Applesauce, raisins, cheese sticks, yogurt are all tasty snacks you can enjoy yourself.

5. Ask for help! 

It’s 5:00 somewhere. Somewhere, there’s a mom struggling to start dinner with a tired toddler pulling at her leg and a fussy baby in her arms. It’s tough. There were many nights where I had all the ingredients ready to go, but I just couldn’t finish dinner before Good Papa came home. Fortunately, Good Papa was right there to step up and finish the meal. Not everyone’s a cook, but it’s not too difficult if all the ingredients are already chopped and ready to go.

5. Order in 

I’m not talking about ordering a pizza. There are these new services (e.g. instacart) in many areas that will do your grocery shopping for you. You can either pick it up from the store or have it delivered to your house. It’s an extra cost, and I don’t use it often, but it has been helpful on those crazy days I just couldn’t get it together in time to make it to the store.

6. Make things easy. Find nutritious food you like, and keep eating it.

 Who said you need to come up with different and creative things to eat every day? We eat the same things over and over again, and switch things up according to the season. During the fall, we eat apples most every day. More recently, we’ve had tons and tons of cabbage.

7. Try themed nights. 

We recently started doing themed nights, and I can’t say enough about this idea. Themed nights has made planning dinner SO much easier. Before the themed nights, I would struggle to come up with anything for dinner. Now, I have no problem thinking of meals since it’s narrowed down.


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7 Simple Ways to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits for New Moms


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