Ease Pregnancy Worries with Panorama Natera Prenatal Screening


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I clearly recall the feeling of excitement and apprehension when those two pink lines appeared on the test of my first pregnancy. I laughed right out loud. Good Papa wasn’t even home at the time, so I was forced to wait three excruciatingly long hours before I could reveal the news to someone other than my own shadow. When he finally returned all I had to do was show him the test before his face lit up, and he also let out a great, big laugh.

All that eagerness and anticipation was quickly followed by the anxiety and worry that accompanies most everything concerning parenthood.

Okay, I’m pregnant… now what? Who do I call? What do I do? I immediately felt the urge to call my mom, but at the same time I didn’t want to reveal the big surprise too early.

So, I called my gynecologist expecting her to ease my worries and tell me the steps to take next. Well, didn’t I feel completely ridiculous when she informed me that they didn’t deal with pregnant women and I would need to call an obstetrician. Duh! Am I really ready to be a parent if I didn’t even know the difference between a gynecologist and an obstetrician? 

Good Papa was able to calm my worries after a long, hormonal, tear-filled conversation and a phone call to an actual obstetrician’s office.

Ease Pregnancy Worries with Panorama Natera Prenatal Screen

Ease Pregnancy Worries with Panorama® Natera Prenatal Screening

After one, well, almost two pregnanciesI am very familiar with pregnancy worries. It’s just one of the lovely side effects of becoming a parent. Yeah! You’re having a baby! Here’s a list of the things you will probably stress about for the next nine months (Don’t worry, we won’t include the anxiety that kicks in once the baby’s born). 

In the beginning stages, you can’t help but want to make sure everything is okay in there with your little one. There’s no movement that you can feel to reassure you that your baby is healthy. If it weren’t for the extreme tiredness and hungover feeling, you might not even know you were pregnant.

That’s why I’m grateful for prenatal screening tests. Panorama® Natera Prenatal Screening is a DNA screening test that can tell you important information about your pregnancy as early as nine weeks with a simple, non-invasive blood draw. It has the lowest false positive rate of any of the prenatal screening tests, and it also screens for more chromosome conditions (i.e. Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome, Turner syndrome, Triploidy, Vanishing twin, Klinefelter sydrome, Triple X syndrome, and 47, XYY) than most of the other non-invasive tests.

The traditional blood tests that women have been doing for decades have a higher chance of incorrect results. Since these regular blood tests are not highly accurate, often a more invasive test is performed, and these tests, such as CVS or an amniocentesis, may have risks to your unborn child.

Early detection of these conditions may help families prepare for the future health of their baby, including finding a specialist or specialized hospital who can provide appropriate medical care.

Find a panorama screening location after talking with your doctor to see if panorama prenatal screen is appropriate for you.

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