Halloween Scavenger Hunt For Stroller Runs


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We are already almost half way through October, so that means the countdown to Halloween is on. W could not be more excited. He cannot get enough of the scary stuff- costumes, candy, books, shows. He loves it all!

One of his most favorite activities is searching for Halloween decorations as we go for walks or runs in the stroller. Anytime we pass by anything even remotely related to Halloween he shouts out in excitement, “It’s Halloween! It’s Halloween!” It’ll almost make you sick of Halloween. 

Since I’m currently training for the Philadelphia Half Marathon, I’ve been doing more stroller runs. What better way to keep the kids occupied than a spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt?

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Stroller Runs

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Stroller Runs

It can be a toss up taking a stroller out for a walk or run. Sometimes kids love to kick their tiny toes up and chill for hours in the stroller. Other times, they are perfect boards and will not be strapped into the stroller for anything.

So, when I went to head out for a stroller run, here are a few things I typically do to make the trip go a little smoother.

  • Let the kids have a chance to be active before getting in the stroller.
  • Bring a bunch of snacks!
  • Bring some toys & games, like the scavenger hunt

This scavenger hunt is a simple activity to keep your toddler busy while walking or running. I printed it out, laminated it and gave W a dry erase crayon to mark off the items we spotted.

Happy Stroller Running, Mamas!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween scavenger hunt for stroller runs

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