12 Ways to Keep Your Mind off Your Due Date

Your due date is fast approaching. You feel anxious, excited and somewhat petrified all at the same time. You are also feeling tired, sore and absolutely ginormous.

Everyone you see after finding out the “due date” can’t help but exclaim, “Oh, wow! She’ll be here any day now.” Yes, thank you for reminding me. If it weren’t for this giant basketball-shaped bump protruding from my midsection I might have forgotten. 

The last few weeks of your pregnancy are a crazy time. No matter if it’s your ninth time around, you’re hoping for a water birth at home or you’re having a scheduled c-section; there’s always some uncertainty going into that big day. Babies aren’t aware of our “birth plans,” and you can never know for sure how things will play out.

As this is my second time around I have learned that it’s best to keep yourself as busy as you can in those last few weeks. I know the worst possible thing I could do is to sit around, twiddling my thumbs while googling strange methods of self-induced labor on the internet. Hmm… It doesn’t sound so bad to consume three whole pineapples in one sitting. 

So, if you’re in your third trimester and starting to feel the due date anxiety kick in, here are 12 ways to keep your mind off you due date.

12 Ways to Keep Your Mind Off Your Due Date

12 Ways to Keep Your Mind Off Your Due Date

  1. Get your hair done- There are moms out there who are actually hiring hair dressers to come to the hospital after they deliver. Save yourself the trouble by getting it done before the big day! Warning: your beautiful blow out may not survive your tumultuous labor and delivery. 
  2. Go shopping- Yes, I know you probably spent an absurd amount on adorable baby clothes, but it’s still nice to take some time to walk around the mall. Babies may be a cinch to take shopping, but once they turn into toddlers you’ll find yourself thanking God for the genius that invented online shopping. Note: I may or may not have read that walking helps induce labor.  
  3. Go to the movies- Good Papa and I used to love going to the movies pre-baby. Now, I can’t really recall the last time we were there. A movie is a perfect place to go before the baby comes, if only for a nice, quiet place to nap.
  4. Go out to eat- Yes, it’s still quite possible to go out to eat once your baby arrives, but it’s so much more relaxing and enjoyable without a little human distracting you from your meal. Suggestion: book a reservation for 7 pm or later; once the baby comes you’ll be hitting up the early bird special at 5. 
  5. Get your nails done- Pregnancy is the best excuse to go out and pamper yourself. Besides, even though you may look like a hot mess after you have the baby, at least you’ll have nice nails.
  6. Get a prenatal massage- If you can splurge for a prenatal massage, definitely do so. Again, much like the movies, it’s a great way to take advantage of a quiet place to rest.
  7. Go on a date- I think regular date nights are important after the baby comes, but nothing beats a worry-free date night. Once the baby arrives, if you manage to sneak away, it’s difficult to avoid stressing about your newborn… Are they okay with the sitter? Are they going to take the bottle? Are they going to sleep? 
  8. Go grocery shopping- You might as well stock up on plenty of snacks to keep by your bedside for those late-night feedings. Pregnancy cravings don’t even compare to the hunger that accompanies breastfeeding.
  9. Make some freezer meals- Confession: I did not do this last time. I wish I had though. If you can muster up the strength to bang out a bunch of freezer meals, do it!
  10. Organize your house- At 37 weeks, I must be nesting because I. can’t. stop. organizing. It has certainly kept my mind off what’s to come and my house has never been cleaner.
  11. Take a bath- I’m not really a bath person, but I decided to take one the other day. WOW! It was truly heaven on earth.
  12. Do a crafting project- Last pregnancy I bought a sewing machine and decided to make my own special robe to wear after I delivery. Well, I started to make my own robe. I’m happy to say that I never had the chance to finish. Maybe I’ll finish it this time around… 

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12 Ways to Keep Your Mind Off Your Due Date

What are some things you have done to keep your mind off your due date? 


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