7 Simple Tasks that are Way Easier with Just One Kid

I’ve reached the big 3-6 this week. I guess that means my baby girl can arrive anytime.  As ready as I am to not be so pregnant anymore, I am savoring every last moment of being a mom to just one child.

Obviously lots of people have more than one kid and manage just fine. I mean, my grandmother had 8 (!) kids. Even though it will most likely be a tiring transition going from one to two, I know I’ll survive somehow.

So, despite the knowledge that everything is going to be okay, I still can’t help but reminisce about all the day to day tasks that are way easier with just one kid.

7 Simple Tasks that are Way Easier with Just One Kid

7 Mundane Tasks that are Way Easier with Just One Kid

1. Showering

It’s difficult enough making the time to showering with just one toddler by my side. I’m still trying to work out the logistics of showering with a toddler and a newborn. I do think it’s the safest idea to lock myself in the bathroom, toss a few toys to my son, say “be good and watch your sister,” and pray that I don’t come out to find my son has smothered my newborn with “love.”

2. Getting in/out of the car

While I am very grateful for all the recent technological advancements in carseats, I can’t help but just be slightly annoyed with what a pain they are! With my son, I’m always careful to tighten up the straps just so, but now it’ll take twice as long. Plus, choosing with child gets the “safer” middle seat is a bit of a Sophie’s choice, no? How do parents of twins decide? Do you just switch them up every so often?

3. Sleeping

When my son was a newborn I took comfort in the fact that I could stay in bed for most of the morning catching up on my sleep while my son nursed and napped. Of course I was still utterly exhausted, but at least I was able to regain some of the hours I lost during the night. This time around… well… my son wakes up at 6:00. Maybe I could convince him snuggling in bed is wayyy more fun than any other type of activity he might want to do instead? 

4. Making dinner

At what age is it appropriate to let your kid start cooking dinner for the family? Is two too young? Yes? Too bad. 

5. Going on dates

Good Papa and I try to make time to go on date nights every so often. Fortunately, we have a few people we can call to watch W. It’s fairly easy with a toddler. We can put him to bed, go out, and all the sitter has to do is hang out and watch TV while he sleeps. Once you add a newborn into the mix, it makes things a bit more difficult. While it’s not too hard to find someone to watch your one child, not as many people are up to the job of handling two children, especially when one is a newborn who requires hourly feedings.

6. Grocery shopping

Honestly, I really enjoy grocery shopping with my son. He likes food. I like food. We both like to pick out food together. When the baby is a newborn I’m not so worried since I’ll most likely just pop her in the ergo. It’s when she gets a little older that I think things will get more challenging. Do I really have to push around that ginormous shopping cart with the car in the front? Am I the only one who can’t steer those things? Or, do I let my toddler run wild around the store with all those tempted display towers just asking to be knocked over? 

7. Cleaning/Laundry

It was shocking to me how much “stuff” my son accumulated when he was a newborn. Now that he’s a toddler the amount of “stuff” has only grown larger. I shudder when I think of my son’s “stuff” times two.  As for the laundry, I have accepted the fact that I shall be doing laundry every day from now until eternity.

So, moms of two or more, help a mom out! What are your tips for making the transition from one to two? 

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