Tame your Toddler with Handmade Toys

Halloween is over, November is here and my stomach is feeling a little queasy.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the ridiculous amount of candy I consumed this past weekend or the fact that there are only 8 Mondays left until Christmas.

Yes! Christmas is coming!

This year, I’m on the look out for quality toys that will occupy my toddler throughout the long, winter months ahead.

W is now on the move… all over… the house! I like to workout and all, but it would be nice to keep him contained and busy in the same space for more than a few minutes.

So, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement to be given the opportunity to receive one of Mama May i Shop’s handmade Waldorf and Montessori Inspired Educational Toys.

Based right in Philadelphia, these non-toxic, colorful, wooden toys are thoughtfully designed to encourage your child to learn through play.

I couldn’t wait to let W try them out.

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Tame Your Toddler with Beautiful Handmade, Wooden Toys. Adding these to my Christmas shopping list!

Tame your Toddler with Handmade Toys

I really like W to play with simple toys.

I think they help inspire children to be more creative and use their imagination during play. Instead of just pushing a button to listen or watch a toy do all the work, children are encourage to manipulate simple, wooden toys in a variety of ways.

W often chooses his wooden blocks over more stimulating, headache-inducing plastic toys.

So, it came as no surprise when W immediately scurried over to the Colored Cups and Balls Play Set when it arrived in the mail.

W went right to work sorting and scooping the balls into and out of the cups.

Here’s why the colored cups and balls playset is our favorite new toy!

  • Colors: I loved the rich colors of this toy. W and I spent quite some time sorting the balls based on color. W liked to mix the colors up, but he also had some success matching the colors (with my help of course). 
  • Fine motor skills: Recently, W has been really working on his fork and spoon skills (Check out my instagram for some pictures). The small scoop in the set is the perfect size for a little hand. The balls are also great for that pincher grasp. As a teacher, I know these are activities that can strengthen the muscles in the hand needed for writing.  Tame your Toddler with Handmade Toys- Just in time for Christmas!
  • Sustainable: A lot of baby items can be harsh on the environment (hello, diapers!), so it is nice to find a product that is eco-friendly. These toys are even made from locally-sourced wood.
  • Longevity: W has had a blast playing with his new toy. Although I have to keep an eye on him while he plays since the balls are a little small, I know he will be able to continue to play with this toy as he grows.

Check out a review of Mama May i’s beautiful Shoot for the Rainbow PlaySet over at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Tame Your Toddler with Handmade Toys from Mama May i- Just in time for Christmas!

 Don’t forget to check out Mama May i & use this exclusive coupon code for $5 off a $30 purchase or more: THEGOODMAMA

*Coupon excludes shipping, cannot be combined, and expires end of November.





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