Stop Making Me Cry, Robert Munsch!


Stop Making Me Cry, Robert Munsch! Funny

W just turned one.

I think I’ll probably keep saying, “W just turned one,” until he reaches two.

We have survived the first year, so we wanted to celebrate (Read up on How to Survive Your First Year of Motherhood)

We had a weekend filled with fun, including a beach-themed party complete with a bushel of crabs to eat, a ball pit filled with beach balls and W’s first baseball game.

Stop Making Me Cry, Robert Munsch! Funny!

It was a lot of activity and stress for Mommy, Daddy and baby.

Our nightly story before bed was the only time I felt we could decompress and wind down.

It’s the best time.

Good Papa, W and I cuddle up next to each other on the bed and take turns reading the books W chooses.

W is now at an age where he really enjoys looking at the pictures and listening to the story.

This past weekend during our story time, Good Papa brings over the book  Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

OMgoshh! I loveeee that book!!! It always makes me cry! 

Good Papa and W both turn and give me the same puzzled look. Good Papa then begins shaking his head, immediately regretting his book choice.

Now, I am not a cryer. AT. ALL.

Titanic?  Uh, I think you have plenty of room on that door, Rose.

The Notebook? I shed not a single tear!

Yet, a sweet children’s story written so beautifully by Robert Munsch turns me right into a puddle every single time.

Stop Making Me Cry, Robert Munsch

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this story, here is a brief synopsis…

I Love You Forever is a story about a mother and her son. It opens with the mother singing to her son as a baby and takes you through different stages in his life until he reaches adulthood. In each stage of his life, the son does things that drive his mother crazy, but she always takes the time at night to sing him the lullaby. 

I won’t spoil the tear-jerking ending; you’ll have to read the book yourself.

As I read the book to W that evening, with Good Papa trying all his might not to roll his eyes at me, the inevitable tears came. This time, however, it was not just the heart breaking scene at the end of the story that caused the tears.

Between words, I glanced over at Good Papa with his own tiny version of himself, both laughing at Mommy’s silliness. I have never felt more content and full of joy. I never wanted the moment to end.

Yet, no matter how much I want to freeze time and squeeze every last second out of each moment, I know life goes on. W will grow.

He will grow and he’ll grow and he’ll grow. 

And as he grows, he will continue learn and discover new things and develop his own special personality.

Though I guess that’s nothing to cry about.

W just turned one.

I think I’d better wipe away the tears and live it up with our little family.

love you forever by robert munch


Okay, readers, let’s hear it! What book/TV show/movie always makes you cry? Do you love Robert Munsch’s book as much as I do? Let me know in the comment section below.

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