Stroller AB Workout

stroller ab workout with baby

W is officially a one-year-old.

I have been running around like a maniac trying to get things ready for his party this coming weekend.

He won’t remember it, but I won’t stop until the food and decor is “pin-able.”

Ah, Pinterest, I have such a love-hate relationship with you. 

It’s weeks like this that fitness tends to go on the back-burner. It’s unfortunate since exercise is just what I need to give me that extra boost of energy.

Fortunately, there are many quick, yet efficient exercises that’ll lift your spirits and make you more productive.

Since it’s W’s birthday week, I will share with you an easy ab workout to do with (or without) your baby.

Stroller AB Workout

This is a flexible workout you can easily modify to fit your needs.

You can use a running stroller and workout with your baby OR you can do the workout sans baby.

You can also up the ante by running for longer time periods, increasing the reps OR adding another set.

The choice is yours!

stroller workout with baby

  • WARM UP: Jog in place/high knees/jumping jacks/jump rope; slowly work up your heart rate to prepare your body for the workout.
  • “WHEE” RUN: I call this run the “whee” run because that’s what I say to W when I go a little faster. Go as fast as you safety can push the stroller. This move is great to use with a running stroller since it forces you to use your legs and ab muscles to run as opposed to using your arms. Focus on really using your ab muscles to increase your speed.
  • PEEK-A-BOO CRUNCH: Just your basic crunch with an added fun element for your baby. Lay back in the front of the stroller and PEEK-A-BOO as you crunch up.
  • SIDE-TO-SIDE CRUNCH: Crunch up to the right side and then to the left.
  • BICYCLE LEGS: Bicycle your legs connecting your opposite elbow to your knees. Sing The Wheels On the Bus to make it more fun for your baby.
  • “WHEE” RUN
  • TRADITIONAL PLANK: Hold the top of a push-up position.
  • SIDE PLANK: With your body facing out, hold yourself up with one arm.
  • PLANK WITH ALTERNATING KNEE LIFTS: Hold plank position while you alternate lifting your knees to the outside of your elbows.
  • “WHEE” RUN
  • STRAIGHT LEG EXTENSIONS: Lay on your back with your knees tucked into your chest, slowly kick them out till your legs are straight and a few inches off the ground.
  • STRAIGHT LEG TOE REACH: Lay on your back with your legs straight up in the air, extend your arms and try to crunch up and reach your toes.
  • SUPERMAN: Lay on your stomach with your legs and arms lifted in the air.

stroller workout with baby


Don’t forget to get the OK from your doctor to start working out again. Always remember to consult with your doctor before you try any new workout. I know certain strollers don’t recommend running with your baby until they are able to sit up on their own. If that’s the case, just take it slow and walk.

Let me know your thoughts on the workout! Do you like to use a running stroller?

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