The Easter Egg Workout You Can Do With Your Kids

I’ve been so busy planning our annual St. Patrick’s Day party that I almost completely forgot that Easter is next week. It snuck up on me this year, and I’m totally bummed about it.

There are so many fun Easter-related activities to do with your toddler. We haven’t dyed eggs, participated in an Easter egg hunt or visited with the Easter bunny yet. I guess there’s no harm in doing all this stuff after Easter though, right?

Well, here’s a simple activity you can do this coming week before Easter and well beyond the holiday.

It’s a fun, super simple workout you can do with your kids. All you need is a bunch of those plastic Easter eggs and some paper!

The Easter Egg Workout You Can Do with Your Kids

The Easter Egg Workout You Can Do With Your Kids

It can be a challenge squeezing in exercise with kids. I’m often rushing through my workouts during nap time or trying to convince a toddler to stop climbing on my back whenever I do pushups.

Why not try a workout that includes the kids?

All you have to do is write down (or print out) a few different exercises on small strips of paper, fill up your plastic Easter eggs with them, and scatter the eggs out in the yard.  Then, run to each egg and perform each movement until you get to the next egg. Once you’ve rounded up all the eggs, you can either call it a day or scatter them out again for a longer workout.

If you have young toddlers, they can do the moves with you after you read them aloud. If you have older children, turn it into a game. Assign your kid(s) a color and see who can complete all the exercises first.

I made sure to include exercises your kids will enjoy, like hop like a bunny, and more traditional exercises, like moving squats.

What You’ll Need: 

  • Printable of exercises OR write down your own moves on small strips of paper  The Easter Egg Workout You Can Do With Your Kids
  • Scissors
  • A dozen plastic Easter Eggs

What to Do: 

Print out exercises and cut them out into small strips (or write down exercises on small strips of paper). Fill plastic Easter Eggs with exercises. Toss eggs around in an open area (you can also do it inside too). Run to the first egg and open it to find out the exercise. Complete the exercise until you reach the next egg. Continue on this way until all eggs/exercises are completed.

The Easter Egg Workout You Can Do With Your Kids

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