31 Ways to Move It In March

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, right? Besides one humongous snow storm, we haven’t had much of a winter. That’s alright with me though. I’m ready for spring.

I’m over drowning myself and my kids in purell after every trip out into public. I’m ready for soaking up the sunshine, trips to the park, picking flowers and spotting cute baby animals.

If you’ve had a difficult time staying active this past winter, March is the perfect month to jump back into it. Here are some ideas on how to stay active and Move It this March. Be sure to click on the calendar for a free printable!

31 Ways to Move It in March! Plus, FREE printable calendar!

31 Ways to Move It In March

  • Indoor activities: March often starts with yucky winter weather, so it’s best to keep a few indoor exercise activities in your back pocket.
    • Try a new group fitness class
    • Run on the treadmill or elliptical
    • Try one of the many youtube workout videos (Popsugar has some fun workout videos)
    • Plug in your favorite workout DVD
    • Challenge yourself: set a timer and see how many squats, push-ups, jumping jacks you can do in a minute. Or run up and down the stairs in your home during nap time.
    • Head to the mall or a local museum and go for a walk
    • Try out some winter activities, like ice skating or skiing, before it’s too late
    • Try out one of those fun trampoline parks.
    • Try some out of the box workout ideas.
  • Outdoor activities: After the dreary days of winter are over, it’s nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Here are some ideas on how to get moving this March outside.
    • Get active with your kids. Play hopscotch, jump rope, run around the yard. Go on a nature walk or head to the park and have a picnic.
    • Sign up for a late spring/summer 5K and start training!
    • Head to the local zoo or farm.
    • Try your hand at gardening
    • Find out when your community is hosting a clean up day and volunteer
    • Sign up for a spring sport, like softball or kickball
    • Go on a bike ride
    • Take advantage of the rain and go out and jump in some puddles
    • Host an Easter Egg Hunt in your backyard.

Move It In March Calendar- 31 Ways to Stay Active this March

31 Ways to Move It In March PLUS free calendar

How do you plan on staying active this March? Leave me a comment below! 


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