9 Romantic Ways to Stay Fit with your Spouse

Valentine’s Day is approaching. I know the last thing Good Papa wants to do is workout with me.

I have always begged him to workout with me. Running… an exercise DVD… he just rather do his own thing.

I don’t blame him.

A few years ago, after much pestering, I convinced him to try a P90x dvd with me. I could barely workout because I was laughing too hard at his “lunges.” Needless to say, that was the last time we did P90X or anything like it together. 

Even though Good Papa is not a fan of working out together, there are still ways to sneak some fitness into our lives.

I’m sure many of you, Good Papa included, will roll your eyes at the idea that staying fit can be romantic. But, I promise you there’s something for everyone.

I think I might be able to convince Good Papa to try a few of these with me!

Romantic Ways to Stay Fit with your Spouse

9 Romantic Ways to Stay Fit with your Spouse

*I calculated the estimated calories burned on each activity using the Exercise Calorie Calculator from ProHealth. 

1. Hike

Hiking is one of the most romantic exercises you can do with your spouse. It’s the perfect excuse to power down from all the hustle and bustle of every day life.  Pack a yummy lunch, find a breathtaking view and take in the peace and quiet of nature together.

  • An hour hike = about 476 calories burned

2. Go for a run/walk

I couldn’t have been more thrilled when Good Papa offered to go for a run with me the other day. We strapped W into the jogging stroller, bundled up in our best cold weather running gear and only made it about a mile and a half. It was FREEZING! Despite not making it very far, it was still nice to get out of the house and soak up a little vitamin D as a family.

  • An hour walk = about 269 calories burned

3. Play a sport together

Sports are a great way to connect with your spouse and show your competitive side. You can try a new sport together or have your husband teach you a sport he loves and vice versa. My husband and I have had great times playing basketball, tennis, football and even golf together.

  • An hour of tennis = about 630 calories burned

4. Go on a bike ride

I am immediately transported back to my childhood whenever I get on a bike. I feel so carefree and relaxed riding a bike. Bring your spouse along for a bike ride and reminisce together.

  • Leisure bike ride for an hour = about 315 calories burned

5. Ski/snowboard/ice skate

Truthfully, I have never actually been skiing or snowboarding. I know it’s so sad. I really think it would be a lot of fun to head out to the slopes and give it a try. I guess we can always cozy up together in the lodge if it doesn’t work out.

  • An hour of skiing = about 477 calories burned

6. Try a workout DVD together

I know I said that we had one, not-so-fun-for-Good Papa workout DVD experience together. Even though it’s not our favorite thing to do together, you may find it an absolute blast with your spouse. I know a few couples who like to complete programs like T25 or P90x. It’s awesome motivation to do a program together. Good Papa, want to give it another go?

  • An half hour of an aerobics DVD = about 238 calories burned

7. Sign up for a race/event together

I love running in races with family. It really brings you close together. I have run in quite a few races with family members, including Good Papa. The high of finishing a race is somehow even better when you finish with a loved one.

  • Running a 5K race = about 306 calories burned

8. Swimming

It’s winter here, so we won’t be swimming outside anytime soon. Though, after recently join the local YMCA, I’m excited to head over to the swimming pool. OR, now is the perfect time to book a romantic getaway to a warm local and try snorkeling, paddle boarding or even surfing.

  • An hour snorkeling = about 338 calories burned

9. Sex

What can I say? I could not have a list of romantic ways to stay fit with your spouse without including the best one. Enjoy!

Romantic Ways to Stay Fit with your Spouse

Romantic Ways to Stay Fit with your Spouse

What are some romantic ways you stay fit with your spouse? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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