Quick Healthy Snacks from SunRidge Farms

There’s one thing that Good Papa and I don’t see eye to eye on- snacks.

Personally, I’d rather not have any unhealthy snacks in the house. I have absolutely no self-control. From the moment the bag of chips hits the pantry, it’s only a matter of days minutes before I’m lying on the couch with incriminating, orange powder all over my fingers.

I figure snacks are best if they are out of sight and out of mind. 

I think that may be the reason that whenever Good Papa does the shopping he brings home an excessive amount of ridiculously unhealthy snacks.

I do realize that a compromise is in order. Even my mom said the other day, “I feel so bad for Good Papa. How can you live in a house without snacks?” My mom can be a little dramatic. 

So, I’ve made it my mission to try to find healthy snacks that actually taste just as good as the unhealthy versions.

I couldn’t be happier when SunRidge Farms sent over a few samples of the Hatch Green Chile snack mixes.

Healthy Snacks from SunRidge Farms- So tasty!

Quick Healthy Snacks from SunRidge Farms

SunRidge Farms is a family-owned company that makes natural and organic snacks, including dried fruit, nuts & seeds, snack mixes and candies. The Good Papa and I tasted a few samples from the Hatch Green Chile line, including Hatch Green Chile Fiesta Mix, Hatch Green Chile Cashews, and Hatch Green Chile Almonds. 

  • The Company: SunRidge Farms is committed to green living. Not only is their candy facility completely run on solar panel energy, but they also offer employees $5 a day if they ride their bike to work. How awesome is that? Plus, their distribution trucks all run on bio-diesel fuel.
  • The Health Factor: The Hatch Green Chile products are naturally flavored and colored, non-GMO, have no preservatives or hydrogenated oils and have 0g trans fat.  I also loved that these snacks were high in protein and low in sodium (120 mg). I’ve been trying to make sure I get plenty of protein with my first half marathon coming up this weekend.
  • The Taste: I know what you are all thinking. The company may be super green and the products are healthy and organic, but how do they taste? I was delighted to discover that these snacks are delicious! The Hatch Green Chile snacks had a wonderful cheesy-spiciness (is that a term?) that totally made them addicting. These are the perfect snack for Good Papa to munch on while watching the football game or for me to pop in my mouth while running around with W all day. Good Papa really liked them. He said they reminded him of a certain brand of chip in the cool ranch flavor. Thankfully, they are much healthier.

The snacks from SunRidge Farms taste great and they have helped the Good Papa and I solve our snack problem.

Where can you find SunRidge Farm products? Look for their products at your local supermarket or check out their website.

Healthy Snacks from Sunridge Farms- SO good!

Have you ever heard of SunRidge Farms Snacks? Let me know if you would give them a try in the comment section below! 

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