5 Exercises to Help Improve Your Balance


Please contact your doctor before starting any new workout program

Balance is an important, but trainable skill. The ability to balance lays the foundation for all other exercise. Good balance not only prevents injuries and increases mobility, but it also builds confidence.

It was just your typical Saturday morning. Good Papa was sweating it up outside constructing a new sand box, and I was keeping cool inside with the kids. My toddler starts spinning around in circles, and just as I begin to say, “that’s not a good idea!” BAM! He slams his head into our end table.

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My heart sank when the blood started gushing. It was a solemn, but calm car ride to the doctor. My son has only been on this Earth just under three years, but he’s managed to need 6 stitches in his forehead not once, but twice! Yes, he’s hit his head in almost the exact same spot requiring the exact same amount of stitches. Twice.

I blame myself.

With two scars and 21 stitches on my own face, my son unfortunately got his clumsiness from me. The morning before my son got his stitches I somehow managed to tie my shoelaces to my diaper bag causing me to tumble headfirst into a Target parking lot in a ridiculously embarrassing manner.

After our latest falls, I figured a little bit of balance training was in order. Try out these 4 easy exercises to help improve your balance if you need more help staying steady on your feet.

5 Exercises to Help Improve Your Balance

5 Exercises to Help Improve Your Balance

First, Test Your Balance

Before you dive into some balance exercises, you may want to test your static balance ability.

Instructions: Stand up straight with one foot in front of the other. Cross your arms in front of your chest. Close your eyes. Stay in that position for as long as you can for 60 seconds. If you can make it 30 seconds without shifting your feet, moving your arms or opening your eyes, you have pretty good balance. If you can’t make it the 30 seconds, then balance training will be beneficial.

Beginner Balance Exercises

If you find you have really poor balance, it’s best to start at the beginning. First practice simply standing on one leg, holding for 10 seconds. You can increase the difficulty as you get better by raising your center of gravity by raising your arms overhead, leaning forward, moving your gaze up and down or side to side and finally shutting your eyes.

Note: pregnancy changes your center of gravity, so it may be necessary to hold off on balance training and always talk to your doctor first.

Balance Exercises

  1. Single-leg deadlift  Balance Exercises Single Leg Deadlift
  2. Single-leg squat  Balance Exercises- one-legged squat
  3. Single-leg standing twist  Balance Exercises Standing Side Twist
  4. Leaning star  balance exercises-eeaningstar
  5. Calf Raises  balance-exercises-calf raises

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