The Newborn Mom Workout Plan

Well that went fast. Our little Sweet P is already one month old! Good Papa and I are continuing to adjust to life with two kids, but couldn’t be happier.

I really love to exercise, so I have been itching to get back into a fitness routine. I mentioned this to my parents a few days ago. My dad responds, “Oh! There’s a half marathon your brother and I are doing next week if you want to join,” to which my mom immediately shrieks, “NO! She’s not even supposed to drive yet!”

I’ve decided to approach fitness after baby somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

That means initially taking things slow and steady before getting back to my normal exercise routine. I’m not going to head out and run 10 miles right away, but a nice brisk walk is a good place to start. And, no matter how ready I feel to get back to exercising full blast, I’ll wait until I get the go-ahead from my doctor.


have discovered there are some ways to get a workout in before you hit that six week mark. You may think I’m crazy, but it’s true. Unfortunately for those of you who aren’t feeling quite ready to workout, this is a newborn mom workout plan you may not be able to turn down.

The Newborn Mom Workout Plan

The Newborn Mom Workout Plan

1. The Breastfeeding Crunch: This move is typically done during a middle of the night feeding. You are too tired to sit up to breastfeed, but your newborn has other plans. See steps below:

STEP 1: Sit up and latch the baby onto your breast

STEP 2: Lay back down and attempt to get a few minutes rest while your baby feeds.

STEP 3: Baby immediately pops off once your head hits the pillow.

STEP 4: Sit up to re-latch.

STEP 5: Repeat steps over and over again until you finally give up and feed her in the most uncomfortable, hunched over position.

2. The Sleeping Baby Bounce: It’s time to put your newborn to sleep. She’s doing a lot of yawning, but her eyes have never been wider. Begin the process of putting her to sleep by slowly walking through your house, bouncing her until she goes to sleep. Don’t forget to pat her back to give your arms and wrists a good workout. You should be able to get a good 30 minute workout in. This full body exercise is great for your arms AND legs!

3. The Baby Wearing Squat: Okay, so you did the sleeping baby bounce (see number 2) for over 45 minutes, your sweet baby girl is still yawning, but somehow her eyes have gotten wider. Now it’s time for exercise number 3. Plop her in the baby carrier. It doesn’t matter what kind- moby, ergo, k’tan, etc. Then, proceed to continue along with your day. If you have a toddler, you will need to pick up some things off the floor. No, you will need to pick up A LOT of things off the floor. If your newborn is in the carrier, you cannot simply bend over (the baby will fall out!). Instead, you must squat down. By the time the day is through, you most likely will get in somewhere close to 100 squats!

4. The Baby is Finally Asleep Calf Raisers: Yeah! Congratulations! You finally got the baby to sleep. Now you must complete the daunting task of escaping the baby’s room without waking her. Despite what you may have heard (“sleeping like a baby” Hah!), babies have hyper sensitive hearing when it comes to noises like floor creaks, ankle cracks and other seemingly insignificant house noises. Get up on your toes! Do not let your heels touch the ground! Visualize yourself as a prima ballerina and tiptoe out the door. You’ll be wishing it was capris season (is that a season?) by the time the baby is 2 months.

5. Personal Baby fitness coach: Some parents are blessed with their very own personal baby fitness coach. This baby is gifted with the unique talent of getting their weary parents back into shape. This baby is able to motivate their parents into staying active without any words at all. They refused to be put down, they refuse to let you sit down and the moment you think you can relax and put your feet up, they are up demanding you pick them up and bounce them for 20! Who needs a gym when you got a newborn? 

Note: These are not serious workouts. Please make sure you get the okay from your doctor before returning to exercise after baby. 

The Newborn Mom Workout Plan

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