Surfset Fitness Review- Ride the Wave!

Surfing has got to be one of the coolest sports. It’s just you, gliding on top of a massive body of water with nothing, but a skinny wooden board and your core balance separating you from being thrown face-first into the sandy bottom. Oh, and there’s always the possibility of a shark or other scary sea-creature lurking just below your feet. 

I may be too chicken to get out into the actual water and ride a real wave, but I was more than thrilled to try out a Surfset Fitness class held right in Hatboro, PA. I thought Surfset would be a perfect addition to my Fitness Class Review Series.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. This is my honest opinion. 

Surfset Review- Ride the Wave!

Surfset Fitness Review

About the Reviewer- Me (The Good Mama)

Age: 25-34

Current Fitness Level: Moderately active (exercise 3-4 times a week)

Fitness History: I have been active my entire life. I played softball and cheered in high school, played intramural sports in college, and continue to run, workout at home and attend fitness classes. I do have the tendency to get bored with the same activity, so I like to switch up my workout routines every now and again. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and trying to workout and stay as active as I can. 

Class Details

Fitness Class for review: Surfset Fitness Classes with Ashley Gardner. Locations: CrossFit T1 2232 Maplewood Ave Willow Grove, PA and  Bonnet Lane Playground, Corner of Saint Dunstans Rd. and Bonnet Ln Hatboro, PA

  • Ashley formed a Facebook group for local moms looking to get in shape called Muscle Mommas. If you join, you’ll be able to find out more information on specific dates and times for classes.
  • For those of you not local, you can still find an instructor and/or Surfset class near you.

Pricing: A drop-in class ranges from $10-$15 depending on what Surfset Fitness Class you attend.

Is there child care? There is no child care, but one of the classes is next to a playground, so you could bring your child along with someone to watch them at the park.

Do I need any special gear, & what should I wear? You don’t need any special gear, but you should most certainly bring a water bottle, possibly a towel and a yoga mat if you have one. The class is held outside so a yoga mat or towel is nice to have next to the board so you’re not stepping on the grass (Ashley provides all this if you don’t bring your own). Any type of workout outfit will due for this class. I wore a tank, shorts and sneakers (took them off to be barefoot on the board). I suppose you could throw a bikini on to really get in the surfing spirit.

Have you ever taken a Surfset class before? I found out about Surfset through a local mom’s group. Ashley started the group so local moms could meet and get in shape together. I have taken about four Surfset classes now.

Brief Description of Class: Surfset Fitness is a full body workout held on a Surfset Board. A surfset board is meant to simulate riding an ocean wave. It’s a long, surfboard (70″ X 22″ X  11″ and weighs 35 lbs) with yoga mat material on top for easy gripping, balanced on three exercise balls. There are stretchy cords on the sides that can be adjusted for more or less stability. There are also four loops that can hook up to any resistance bands for a tougher challenge (I have yet to try out resistance bands attached). A former professional hockey player developed the board and exercises with his wife after noticing how incredibly in-shape he became after surfing in the off-season. You may have seen the Surfset board on an episode of Shark Tank.

Surfset Review- Ride the Wave!

What’s the Deal with this Surfboard Class?

It’s a lot easier than it looks: My two-year-old may make it look easy (seriously, toddlers must have great balance!), but standing on this board for the first time, let alone doing an entire workout, is no walk in the park. Simple moves on the ground, like squats, lunges or planks, are much more challenging on the board and require you to work all of your muscles. It’s an incredible core workout; your core muscles are engaged just standing on the board.

It’s a lot of fun, and very addicting: The first time I tried the Surfset workout, I was really bummed when class ended. As difficult as it was, I wanted to keep trying more moves and test my balance (which isn’t the greatest at the moment). I came home and could not stop raving about it to Good Papa. He got the memo and ended up buying me my own Surfset board for my birthday. W and I have used it everyday since it came home. It’s actually sitting right behind me as I type this post and it’s taking every fiber of my being not to turn around, jump on it and “ride some waves.”

What’s a Surfset fitness class like? As of now, Ashley holds three different types of Surfset classes, including Body Awareness, Surfset Blend and Surf Circuit. Body Awareness, an hour-long class, is a great class for beginners. It has a lot of yoga-inspired moves and is geared toward working on your balance, flexibility and core (you’re always working on your core on this thing). Surfset Blend is another hour-long class, but more fast paced. It’s a full body workout that includes surf-inspired movements and focuses on building your speed, strength and balance. Surfset Circuit may be only a half an hour, but it’s still a killer workout. It incorporates explosive, high intensity movements with isometric holds sure to leave you drenched in sweat.

Do I need to be a surfer to get on the board? NO! What I really love about surfset is it’s versatility. You can keep the straps on (like me) or take them off as you become more advanced. It’s the perfect workout for a pregnant mama since it targets the core without a whole bunch of sit-ups. There are also an endless amount of workouts you can do on the board, from more slow-paced yoga-type workouts to cardio, speed and agility to weight training. My surfset board has been amazing for pregnancy stretches!

Surfset Review- Ride the Wave!

My Review

Pros: This workout is an absolute blast! I would recommend this class to anyone. It’s great for all ages (even my 2 year old can’t get enough of it) and all fitness levels. I really like the versatility of the workout. I love that it’s fun, yet challenging. Despite not wanting to get off the board the first go around, I was super sore the next day. If you are looking to build those long, lean muscles you see on surfers, Surfset is definitely for you! I can’t wait for the long days of winter when I can hop on my board, blast some Beach Boys and imagine I’m riding a wave in California.

Cons: The only con of surfset is that it is a fairly new product, so you may have some difficulty finding a surfset trainer or class in your area. The good news is that it’s rapidly growing, so if you don’t have a class in your area yet, I’m sure there will be one soon. You could also order your own surfset board online. They are a bit pricey at $550.00, but they are comparable to owning your own treadmill (and a lot more fun). You can find a ton of workout videos on their website.

Bottom line: If you are looking to build long, lean muscles, work on your core or simply spice up your regular workout routine, Surfset is something you are going to want to try. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet (hehe) and join in on the fun!

More information on Ashley Gardner

In addition to being a Surfset certified trainer, Ashley is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Not only does she hold amazing surfset workouts on the weekends, she also does in-home personal training in Willow Grove, PA and surrounding areas. She has a degree in Culinary Arts with a niche for healthy and allergy friendly baking and cooking. Her goal is to teach people that fitness doesn’t have to be an obligation, but instead an opportunity- an opportunity to grow, have fun and meet new people! “Life is a wave- you can fight it or coast along for the ride!”

For more information, contact Ashley at

Surfset Review- Ride the Wave!

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Join Muscle Mommas to find out more information on class times and locations in the Hatboro area.

Surfset Review- Ride the Wave

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