Fitness Class Review Series

Ever get a little bored with your workout routine? Are you looking to start a new workout or just start any workout, but aren’t sure where to start?

For me, it’s important to change up my workout routine every so often so I don’t lose motivation. For example…

Before I had my son, I got really into a particular workout video series. I followed the program faithfully. After a few months, I started to grow tired of doing the same exercises, listening to the same person’s corny jokes over and over again. At first I found myself mouthing the instructors’ words while speeding through the exercises all while trying not to completely roll my eyes to the back of my head. Then, I began to get angry. “No, I will not dig deep or push it harder! You’re not the boss of me!” 

At the moment I lifted the weight fully prepared to launch it into the TV, I came to my senses. Exercise should be something you enjoy doing. It shouldn’t be boring, make you feel silly or drive you to insanity. 

There are people out there that easily find some type of exercise they love to do. Whether it be running, cross fitness, swimming or mountain climbing, they find an activity they enjoy and stick with it.

Other people have a more difficult time finding the ideal exercise. They try something new and find it too boring, too complicated or just too expensive.

Well, I’m starting a series that will hopefully help those of you out there who are interested in trying a new fitness routine, but aren’t sure which one and where to start. This series is also for you out there, like me, who absolutely need to switch things up every so often (we want to avoid any broken TV equipment). 

Fitness Class Review series

Fitness Class Review Series

For my fitness class review series, I will be posting reviews of a variety of different fitness classes and workouts. That way you won’t go out, buy a bunch of equipment, pay for an entire month’s worth of classes only to find out that you can’t stand the workout.

I’ll answer a series of questions, such as…

What does this class cost? 

Do I need any special equipment? 

What should I wear? 

Can a pregnant woman or someone with a baby do this class? 

How sore will I be the next day? 

At what point, if ever, did you feel the most awkward in class? 

At what point, if ever, did you feel the best in class? 

I will answer those questions or some variation in each review. My hope is to give you a clear picture of each fitness class, beyond the little blurb they post on their website.

I need your help!

Not everyone is at the same fitness level. It’s difficult to get an accurate description of a fitness class if your fitness level doesn’t match up to the reviewer’s.

So, I am looking for some of my fabulous readers out there to help me out. All you have to do is let me know you’re interested, fill out a questionnaire form with your review and send it in! If you are a fellow blogger, I’ll be sure to include a link back to your site.


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