Football Fitness- Stay in Shape While Watching the Game

Football Fitness: A great routine to stay in shape while watching the game

*Note: This is a workout that I like to do that I am sharing with you. Please consult with your physician before attempting any new workout routine. 

Despite the impression you may have received after reading Good Papa’s post on How to Make Sunday a “Fun”Day I actually do like football (not Rodger Goodell so much though).

I just have a difficult time planting myself in front of the TV all. day. long.

Have you ever heard of the Red Zone channel?

It’s a channel that continuously plays clips from NFL football games of teams ready to score. There are no commercials. It is nonstop.

I don’t know about you, but I need breaks. And, I’m sure it can’t be good for that announcer’s bladder.

Seriously, when does he use the bathroom? 

Nevertheless, I felt the need to incorporate fitness into our Sunday football watching.

I thought the perfect way to add some fitness to our football would be to play a game.

Apparently, some people play drinking games while watching their favorite shows. For example, if you are watching Scandal, you would be required to take a sip of alcohol whenever Olivia Pope drinks red wine. If you have ever watched the show you would know that you would get drunk pretty quickly (Check out Buzzfeed for some more examples).

Since we have to be appropriate with a baby around, I traded in alcohol for exercises (I know, not as much fun).

Football Fitness- Stay in Shape While Watching the Game

The great thing about this workout is that you can modify it depending on what area you want to target.

You want to work out your arms and chest? Try doing 10 pushups every 1st down.

You’d rather focus on your legs? Try 10 squats instead.

My goal was to simply get up and moving. I ended up doing over 200 jumping jacks in just one half, so I say I definitely accomplished that goal!

Football Fitness: A great routine to stay in shape while watching the game

Here are my rules.

  • 1st down: 10 jumping jacks
  • Turnover: 1 minute plank
  • Field goal: 10 front kicks
  • Sack: 20 squats
  • Touchdown: 10 burpees or pushups

So, whenever any of these events happen, you have to get up and do your exercise. It’s actually a lot of fun. Before you know it, you’ll have completed 50 pushups!

Although, I will warn you. You definitely have to pay attention to the game while doing this workout.

I think Good Papa really liked how this workout forced me to focus on the game. Well, that, and the fact that he got a good kick out of watching me get up and jump around every first down.

Football Fitness

I hope you like my Football Fitness workout. Do you like to hang out on the couch watching TV/football all day? What do you do to stay active and get moving on those days you just aren’t in the mood? Let me know in the comment section below!

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