8 Fabulous Benefits of Pregnancy

The 2nd trimester-honeymoon phase is over. I’m officially in the third trimester.

Exhaustion, heart burn and just plain uncomfortable-ness smacked me in the face like a brick wall the moment I hit 28 weeks.

I shouldn’t complain. I’ve been blessed to have another fairly easy pregnancy up until this point. I still feel pretty good. I’m able to exercise and keep up with a toddler who gets faster and faster by the day (or maybe I’m just getting slower?). 

No matter how wonderfully effortless of a pregnancy you’ve had, the third trimester can be draining. You’re growing a human being, after all.

Despite the constant trips to the bathroom, I’m determined to remain positive during these last few weeks. I know all too well that pregnancy is a walk in the park compared to the real work that happens once the baby is born.

8 Fabulous Benefits of Pregnancy

8 Fabulous Benefits of Pregnancy

1. All the compliments: 

Occasionally you’ll run into a person clearly suffering from foot-in-mouth disease say something along the lines of, “WHOA, are you sure there aren’t two in there?” For the most part though, people are very complimentary. Even if your face has swelled to the size of a balloon or you look like you are about to birth a baby hippo, people generally feel compelled to say nice things to pregnant ladies. “You are just glowing!”

2. You always get the last slice: 

Your doctor may have informed you that the whole “eating for two” phrase is a myth, and in reality you should be eating as healthy as you can. Fortunately, most non-pregnant folk aren’t aware that pregnancy doesn’t technically give you free reign to devour an entire box of munchkins. It’s refreshing when not one person bats an eye when you waddle your way over to the buffet line for the third fourth time.

3. Parking spots: 

I feel like a total celebrity pulling into the Baby’s R Us parking lot. Who wouldn’t like a special parking spot right up close? Side note: These parking spots would make much more sense post-baby. It’s a lot more difficult to carry an actual squirming baby through the parking lot than one that’s just attached to me. 

4. You always have an excuse: 

Not in the mood to attend an event when you’d much rather binge watch TV shows on the couch? “Sorry, I can’t make it… I’m pregnant.” It works every, single time. It’s almost as good as an excuse as, “Sorry, I can’t make it… I have a baby.”

8 Fabulous Benefits of Pregnancy

5. Cleavage: 

I know some of my bigger-busted mamas may not see this as a benefit, but it’s really nice if you don’t usually have a whole lot going on up top. Even though your growing belly takes up most of the room, your pregnant self can fill out a dress quite nicely.

6. Maternity clothes:

One of the things I love about being pregnant in the summer is that I don’t need to spend a lot on maternity clothes. Maxi dresses and flowing skirts are staples in my wardrobe. I did buy a few maternity leggings and pants, and, WOW, are they amazingly comfortable. I can’t wait to break them out for Thanksgiving!

7. Strangers are so nice and friendly: 

I don’t know what it is, but people are typically happy to see a pregnant lady. You really feel special. Everyone always smiles at you and holds door open. Strangers readily give up their seats or offer to carry your groceries to your car. Older ladies strike up random conversations with you or pat your belly (well, maybe some people are a little too friendly). 

8. Feeling your baby move: 

I saved the best one for last. There’s really nothing quite like feeling your baby move. It’s such a magical experience- a secret shared between just you and your new bundle of joy. The third trimester may bring along some rough symptoms. The back aches, Braxton Hicks, and never ending trips to the bathroom do not make the last trimester the most fun. Yet, when your baby jabs her tiny foot straight to into ribs, you can’t help but smile and think, “okay, it’s all totally worth it.” 

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8 Fabulous Benefits of Pregnancy

Are there any benefits of pregnancy that I’m missing? Leave me a comment below!


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