Wake Up Your Butt With a Booty Blasting Workout


Please be sure to get the okay from your doctor before performing this or any workout.

Do you suffer from frequent pain in your lower back, hips or even your knees? You may have dormant butt syndrome. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s an actual (non-medical) term recently coined by a physical therapist, Chris Kolba (see his interview on CBSNY).

What is Dormant Butt Syndrome (DBS)?

It’s what happens when your gluteal muscles become too tired to do their job. Other muscles end up picking up the slack which can cause pain in your lower back, hips and knees. It’s often the result of sitting for prolonged periods of time. You’re not using your butt sitting, so, after awhile, those muscles just forget what to do.

How can I prevent or fix dormant butt syndrome

Well, you can start by standing up and working those butt muscles! If you work at a desk job, be sure to get up every so often and move around. You can even set reminders on your phone to prevent you from sitting too long.

DBS can also occur if you practice bad form while doing exercise. So, be sure you are doing your exercise movements with the correct form. Proper posture and activating your core while you exercise will go a long way in preventing injury and dormant butt syndrome. Stand in front of a mirror, watch plenty of videos and/or call on a personal trainer to coach you through movements if you are unsure.

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To further help you out, I’ve developed a Booty Blasting Workout that pairs nicely with an everyday movement you can sneak in to flex those butt muscles. Check it out below!

6 Moves for a booty blasting workout

Wake Up Your Butt With a Booty Blasting Workout

These moves may be great for your butt, but they also work the entire lower body. I also made sure to add in a few cardio moves so you can really get your heart rate going.

Booty Blasting Workout

Be sure to warm-up before starting your workout. To warm up, you can jog in place or do jumping jacks and slowly pick up the pace until your muscles are nice and warm.

Then, do each move 10-12 times, except do the mountain climbers for a minute. Take a minute rest between sets OR hit the stairs for five minutes for an added cardio bonus after each set. You can also add hand weights to some of the movements if you want to take it up a notch.

Booty blasting Workout

This move’s name is as ridiculous-sounding as dormant butt syndrome, but the dirty dog is a great move for your butt and hips.

Booty Blasting Workout

This not only works your butt, but it’ll also work your core!

Booty Blasting Workout

Grab a chair or bench and get squatting. Be sure to keep your chest up and put the emphasis on your front leg.

Booty Blasting Workout

This is taking a regular squat up a notch and adding a cardio element. If you aren’t quite ready for a jump squat, modify with a regular squat.

Booty Blasting Workout

This move challenges your balance as well as your lower back, hamstrings and butt. You can hold onto a chair if you’re not quite ready for the balance challenge.

Booty Blasting workout

These mountain climbers are awesome for your butt, legs and core!

Booty Blasting Workout- Do you have Dormant Butt Syndrome?

Check out the short video I made of the movements! 

6 Moves for a Booty Blasting Workout

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