Scrambled Eggs Legs Workout


You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t stop that teacher from trying to center her life (and her family’s) around weekly “themes.” Good Papa is lucky we have W or else he would be subjected to a week’s worth of apple dishes and activities during “Apple Week” in October. Although, who wouldn’t want a whole week centered around different apple recipes and activities? Apple pie, apple picking, cutting apples open to see the star (!)… Oops, looks like I’m getting off track now. Anyway, in order to have a focus to my blog writing, I have decided to try my best to write about a different theme each week. My posts on fitness, food, and fun will make some kind of connection to the theme of the week.

For my first theme I thought it would be best to go with something that is a favorite of W’s- eggs! W and I both LOVE eggs. Eggs are good for you, easy to make, and delicious. Stay tuned for some meal ideas and activities that involve eggs.

Now on to fitness…

So, what on God’s earth is a scrambled eggs legs workout? I’m sure you are all picturing Elaine’s dancing from Seinfeld. I know it sounds a little frightening, but I promise it is a workout that is can be completed anywhere, quick, and super easy to do. I did it last night while watching the latest episode of True Blood with Good Papa (We know the show has gotten so ridiculous and silly at this point, but we’ve been watching for so long we feel the need to finish it- it’s the last season!). Take a look at the workout below.

Scrambled Eggs Legs

Warm up for 3-5 minutes

12-15 Squats

12-15 curtsey squats

Wall sit for 1 minute

High knees for 1 minute

Hold chair pose for 1 minute

12-15 deadlift leg raises (bend forward while lifting one
leg straight back behind)

12-15 front lunges (each side)

12-15 calf raises

12-15 plie squats (toes pointing out)

12-15 backward leg lifts (lift each leg straight back

12-15 side lunges (each side)

Directions for the Scrambled Eggs Legs Workout

1. Warm up for 3-5 minutes. I usually just run in place or do jumping jacks. You can do whatever you want: run around the house, kick your legs, jump rope, pretend to jump rope, skip around the house, dance, etc. The purpose of the warm up is to get your muscles loose and warm and your heart rate up so you are ready to work out. If you listen to music, 2-3 songs should do it!

2. Do the work out!

  • Choose at least four exercises (depending on the amount of time you have) in the chart above. “Scramble” them up! You don’t have to do it in any particular order.
  • Choose the amount of reps that you will do for each exercise. You can do the exercises with or without weight. I completed all the exercises with 10 lb weights to give you an idea. Do whatever works for you. If you decide to do the exercises without weights, try to do more repetitions.
  • Choose the amount of sets that you will do. I recommend doing the exercises 2-4 times each. I usually go through the list of exercises I am going to do, then repeat.

3. Cool down for 3-5 minutes. You can repeat the warm up, but this time slowly backing off and decreasing your heart rate.

4. Enjoy the rest of your day feeling more confident and energized!


There are pictures of each exercise posted in the slideshow above. I’m surprised that the pictures did not turn out blurry considering Good Papa was laughing hysterically at me the entire time he was taking them. Please leave a comment if you are unsure about any exercise listed. For my workout, I did all of the exercises listed twice and it took me about 26 minutes, including warm up and cool down. To be honest, I was a bit sore the next day. It just goes to show that a little hard work can really pay off in the end!

I hope this workout is helpful to you readers out there. If you try it out, please let me know what you think in the comments below!


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