What We Learned in 6 Weeks at Goldfish Swim School

If you read my earlier post about Goldfish Swim School, then you know that my toddler and I are having a blast. Since W is totally into the “POOOL,” this year, swimming lessons are absolutely necessary.

I couldn’t have been more excited when I discovered a new Goldfish Swim School opening up right around the corner in Fort Washington. I jumped on the chance to partner with Goldfish to write a review in exchange for complimentary lessons.

Well, we just finished our six lessons, and guess what? I immediately signed W up for more.

We both have been having so much fun each week. W loves splashing around and playing the games that help teach him important water skills. While I find myself grinning ear to ear as he develops new skills right before my eyes.

Learning how to swim correctly is essential.

Despite the fact that water births and dolphin-assisted births have become more popular in recent years, swimming doesn’t typically come natural to everyone. I know quite a few adults who went their entire lives not knowing how to swim. Those who learn proper swim strokes and breath control will be able to swim more effectively. They’re also more likely to have fun in the pool if they know what they’re doing (source: Goldfish blog).

If you are still on the fence about Goldfish, here are some of the things my toddler and I learned in just 6 weeks at Goldfish Swim School.

What We Learned in 6 Weeks at Goldfish Swim School

What We Learned in 6 Weeks at Goldfish Swim School

  1. How to safely go under water: I think I was more nervous than W when the big day came for him to dunk his head under water. In the sessions that lead up to the “big dunk,” with the help of our lovely instructor, we trained and prepared above the water. I loved how the instructor showed us what signs to look for in W to indicate that he was ready. That second-hand drowning truly terrifies me sometimes! Even though I was slightly scared, with our instructor’s help and reassurance, W’s first dunk under was a breeze. I now don’t have to worry about him getting scared and upset if he accidentally slips under.  
  2. How to kick: This was one of the first things we learned at swim school. W was able to kick outside the water, so I thought he would have no problem in the water. While he was able to kick no problem while sitting with me on the side, the key was teaching him how to kick to get somewhere while on his stomach. It took a little bit longer for him to really get the concept, but I’m happy to say that it totally clicked for him this past session. He even got a ribbon for his kicks! 
  3. How to pull, pull, pull: Similar to the kicks, W was able to understand pulling his arms rather quickly while sitting on the sidelines. It’s a little trickier to understand that you need to pull your arms to move in the water. I loved all the games we played at Goldfish to drive this point home. By the end of six weeks, I really noticed a difference. 
  4. How to properly exit the pool: This is something I never really thought about, so I’m glad it was taught in swim school. If your child falls in the pool in the deep end, it’s important that they know how to get themselves out. 
  5. How to float on our backs: We are still working on this one, but W is getting a lot better. At first, he did not want any part of floating on his back. Honestly, I don’t blame him. I’m like lead in a pool- I sink right to the bottom. As the weeks progress, he began to relax and lay back. In fact, the other day in my in-laws’ pool, he thought floating on his back was the funniest thing ever. 
  6. How to jump in and turn to our backs: This is another skill I never thought would be important. Our instructor explained that floating is a great water safety skill. If a child falls in the pool but doesn’t have the strength or know how to swim properly yet, they can turn over to their backs and it doesn’t require much energy. It also helps if a child becomes too tired to continue swimming. 

I can’t wait to continue our lessons at Goldfish to see what else W learns in the pool. When the new baby arrives, I’ll be sure to sign her up for lessons as soon as she’s old enough at 4 months.

What We Learned in 6 Weeks at Goldfish swim school

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