Crab & Grapefruit Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing

It’s month two of my food of the month recipe series of introducing new recipes for in-season vegetables and fruits to my family. Since Valentine’s Day happens to fall during February, I thought I’d pick the prettiest, pink-est fruit I know- grapefruit.

Grapefruit is a tasty citrus fruit that comes into season during winter through early spring.

Like other citrus fruits, grapefruit is high in Vitamin C, so it’s the perfect addition to your diet to help boost your immune system during the long, germ-infested winter months. Check out grapefruit’s nutrition facts.

When I was trying to decide what to make with grapefruit, my mind immediately went to seafood.  And, with all this frigid weather we’ve had lately, I was craving something light, bright and sunny.

My crab & grapefruit salad with creamy avocado dressing is an easy, dairy-free, nutritious week night dinner. The creamy avocado dressing is kicked up a notch with some jalapeños and cayenne pepper. This is a dish that’s sure to beat your winter blues.

Crab & Grapefruit Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing (NON-DAIRY)

Crab & Grapefruit Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing

Truthfully, I’m not much of a salad person. Salad preparation always seems like a whole bunch of chopping and dicing to only end up with a salad. Well, let me tell you. This salad is most certainly worth it.

I’m a huge fan of crab meat, and the tart, tangy flavor of the grapefruit pairs with it perfectly. You could easily substitute another type of seafood if you aren’t a crab fan or just leave it out for a vegan dish.

I also have to mention this creamy avocado dressing. I’ve given up dairy while breastfeeding, but I don’t miss it at all with this healthy, creamy avocado dressing. I seriously could not stop licking the spoon! Bonus: my toddler (who isn’t a huge fan of avocados) loved it too.

Crab & Grapefruit Salad with Avocado Dressing

Crab & Grapefruit Salad with Avocado Dressing


  • 6-8 cups spinach and romaine leaves (*you can substitute your preferred greens)
  • 8 oz. crab meat
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • 1/2 red onion, sliced
  • 1/2 cucumber, peeled and sliced
  • For the dressing
  • 1 shallot, chopped
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 jalapeno, chopped
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • juice of 1/2 grapefruit
  • 2 tbsp cilantro, chopped
  • 1/8 tsp ground cayenne pepper
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Toss ingredients together with dressing.
  2. For the dressing
  3. Add ingredients to a blender/food processor and blend.

Crab & Grapefruit Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing Recipe (non-dairy)

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