Christmas Peppermint-Scented Sensory Box for Toddlers


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We have had a wonderful start to this Christmas season. Christmas was made for toddlers!

Two Sundays ago I decided to leave Sweet P with her daddy for the day and take W out with me for a Christmas decoration shopping trip. We really had such a wonderful morning. I never would have imagined a Homegoods shopping trip with a toddler to be relaxing, but it really was strangely relaxing to only have to worry about just one child.

Plus, W had such a fun time looking at all the Christmas decorations. The lights! The Santas! The Gingerbread houses! He couldn’t get enough.

Since my Halloween Sensory Box was such a hit with W, I thought a Christmas sensory box would be even more successful.

I was right!

From the moment I brought out this Christmas Sensory Box, W has been all over it. He loves looking for all the little characters and ringing the jingle bells. I think it may be fun to add to this sensory box as the Christmas season continues.

Christmas Peppermint-scented Sensory Box for Toddlers

Christmas Peppermint-Scented Sensory Box for Toddlers

What I love about these sensory boxes is that they are so simple to throw together. I used the same box from my Halloween sensory box, put the Halloween-stuff in a ziplock bag for next year and added the Christmas sensory items.

When I’m making a sensory box I like to make sure all the senses are covered.

  • Touch: I used white beans and kidney beans.
  • Sight: There are lots of different colors to see in this box.
  • Sound: The jingle bells are a perfect addition for a Christmas-themed box.
  • Smell: I added a tiny drop of peppermint extract to the beans and shook them up.
  • Taste: I even hid a peppermint inside the box during one of our play sessions. W LOVED finding the special treat and tasting the peppermint!

You can really do a lot with a Christmas-themed sensory box. If you don’t want to buy beans, you can dye rice some pretty red and green colors. Or, you can make it more natural by tossing in some fun natural items you can find in your own yard (e.g. pinecones, chestnuts, sticks, etc.). Here’s what I used…

Christmas Peppermint-Scented Sensory box for Toddlers

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