3 Ingredient No-Bake Coconut Date Bites Recipe

The idea for my 3-ingredient, no-bake coconut date bites recipe came from Whole Foods.  Grocery shopping is always a fun trip for me and my little ones. W loves eating and food, so he likes picking out different fruits and veggies and trying his best to convince me to buy baked goods.

Now that Sweet P is a little older, she’s no longer thrilled being strapped to me in the carrier. The only problem occurs if there’s no double-seat cart available. In those instances, my only choice is to let W walk beside me. The first time W walked by the cart, I was extremely nervous. I just imagined him running through the aisles grabbing anything and everything, collapsing into a heap on top of some display of canned goods.

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To my surprise, he behaved shockingly well.

He did try to put quite a few items in the cart. Though I put most of them back, I did hold on to one of the items. They were Coconut Date Bites. W thought they were chocolates. I knew better.

I chuckled to myself as he proudly showed off his “chocolates” that he got to sneak into the cart to all the other customers in the checkout lane. Fortunately, they tasted so good when he tried them at home that he forgot all about mistaking them for chocolates.

Since the Coconut Date Bites were such a hit, I decided to make my own and add a little extra protein to make them more filling.

3 Ingredient, No-Bake Nutritious Protein-packed date bites recipe

3 Ingredient No-Bake Coconut Date Bites Recipe

Dates are really amazing. They are super sweet, a good source of fiber and make a great base for all of those no-bake, nutritious bars/balls/bites you’ll find on pinterest. They are also recommended for pregnant women to eat to help ease labor and delivery.

To make these coconut date bites, I used dried dates (W calls them “big raisins”) and tossed them into a food processor with some almonds until they formed a paste. Then I rolled the paste into little balls and coated them with unsweetened coconut flakes. Seriously. That’s it. They are a perfectly delicious nutritious alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can keep them room temperature, but I prefer them chilled in the fridge.

3 Ingredient No-Bake Coconut Date Bites Recipe

3 Ingredient No-Bake Coconut Date Bites Recipe


  • 8 oz. dried dates, pitted
  • 1/2 C unsweetened coconut flakes, to coat
  • 1/2 C almond *You can substitute whatever nut you prefer or leave them out


  1. In a food processor, blend dates and almonds until well-blended and formed into a thick paste.
  2. Take a tablespoon and scoop out date/almond mixture and roll into small balls.
  3. Roll balls in coconut flakes until coated.
  4. I like to keep them in the fridge, but they are fine room temperature too!

3 Ingredient No Bake Coconut Date Bites Recipe

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